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Iraq: myths versus reality

"Ask not for whom the bells tolls, it tolls for the United States of America." Today the House of Representatives abrogated its constitutional duties and
Robert Waldrop
Oct 10, 2002

On total war

The Old Cause by Joseph R. Stromberg http://www.antiwar.com/stromberg/s-col.html August 10, 2002 Liberventionism III: The Flight from History There have been
Robert Waldrop
Aug 21, 2002

Nuclear neighbors at bring of war

This sounds so much like Europe after the assasination of the Archduke Ferdinand, as the armies of France, Austro Hungray, the German Empire, and Rusiaa
Robert Waldrop
Jun 2, 2002

Iranian advances oil war hypothesis

This article from Oil and Gas Journal, by a senior expert of the National Iranian Oil company, is further evidence of the connection between the US "war on
Robert Waldrop
Feb 7, 2002

Who's the rat?

Who’s the Rat? by Joseph Sobran Things are getting a little too unanimous around here. That always makes me suspicious. Everybody is crying out for the blood
Robert Waldrop
Jan 10, 2002

US massacre fails to move us.

I venture to say that the reason the on-going massacre of civilians in Afghanistan fails to move most people is because we have dehumanized and depersonalized
Robert Waldrop
Jan 10, 2002

One effective, non-violent way to fight terrorism

Patriots' Energy Pledge Campaign Launched on the Internet http://www.saveabarrel.org Americans Resolved to Save a Million of Barrels of Oil to Aid War Effort
Robert Waldrop
Jan 1, 2002

Oops Re: [antiwar2001] Open letter to US bishops

the url should be http://www.justpeace.org/holyinnocents2001.htm . RMW ... From: Robert Waldrop
Robert Waldrop
Dec 30, 2001

Open letter to US bishops

The Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in OKC, Divine Mercy Catholic Worker House in Lyons, Kansas, and the Columbia, Missouri Catholic Worker Community are
Robert Waldrop
Dec 30, 2001

"We will win nuclear war." says India

Put this one in the "famous last words file." Let's see now. We've established a pretty firm principle that a large and powerful country can demand that a
Robert Waldrop
Dec 30, 2001

Environmental effects of US attacks on Kosovo and Afghanistan

War Without End by A.C. Thompson http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=special&s=thompson20011202 In early November, as American B-52s pummeled Taliban
Robert Waldrop
Dec 18, 2001

Tapes suggest US spying missed signals

NY Times, December 15, 2001 Tapes Suggest U.S. Spying Missed Signals By DAVID JOHNSTON ASHINGTON, Dec. 14 — The Osama bin Laden videotape is raising new
Robert Waldrop
Dec 15, 2001

As the war shifts alliance, oil deals follow

NY Times, December 15, 2001 BUSINESS As the War Shifts Alliances, Oil Deals Follow By NEELA BANERJEE with SABRINA TAVERNISE There is no oil in Afghanistan, but
Robert Waldrop
Dec 15, 2001

The starvation begins in AFghanistan

This is a terrible article to read. Again I must ask the question: Will we feel better in the spring when millions of Afghans have died of starvation and
Robert Waldrop
Dec 12, 2001

Confessions of a traitor.

Last week, the attorney general of the United States proclaimed that those who dissent from his wisdom "only give aid and comfort to terrorists." That is to
Robert Waldrop
Dec 8, 2001
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