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Index to the Receiving Tube manuals - Update

A couple of kind souls pointed out that the notes all appeared at the end of the file. I have corrected the setting that caused that effect and have re-posted
Dale H. Cook
Jul 24

Index to the Receiving Tube Manuals - Second Edition

I have completed and posted the second edition of my Index to the Receiving Tube Manuals:
Dale H. Cook
Jul 24

Indexes to U. S. Antique-Electronics Publications

The Tube Collectors Association Web site now houses a suite of indexes to U. S. antique-electronics publications (go to www.tubecollectors.org and click on
Ludwell Sibley
Jul 21

Re: Piezo Earphones vs. Magnetic

Chris, Glad to hear that the 509W are working out for you. I don't know if they made ear muffs to go on them. But you can talk some of the tension off of the
Gerald Cromer
Jul 20

Re: Piezo Earphones vs. Magnetic

I just built a more permanent crystal radio. I love how sensitive my WE 509W are. I can hear 5 stations, and 3 of them are full volume. My only gripe is they
Chris Maness
Jul 20

Wanted: TB SIG Manuals - German and Japanese radios

Hi all, I’d like to buy or borrow any of the following manuals: TB SIG E1 German Radio Sets, Torn. Fu. d1 TB SIG E2 German Radio Set, Torn. Fu. d2 TB SIG
Brian Harrison
Jul 15


The flea market at Rochester has gotten smaller over the years. If you wish to relive the glory days era of flea marketing go to Renningers in Kutztown Pa.
Jeff Arndt
Jul 14


Hi guys, I am trying to get a copy of the latest AWA Review, and it looks like it isn't for sale yet on the Museum's website. Do you know if a non-member can
Joe Koester
Jul 14

WANTED: JW Miller 6183 TV horizontal transformer

Howdy all-- I'm cooking up another regenerative superhet receiver in the mid 50's style. I'm looking for two good JW Miller 6183 TV horizontal oscillator
Jul 13

Fwd: Night of Nights UPDATE - MRHS Newsletter No. 51a

Here is some updated info. Get those GC and MF receivers ready.... 73, Bill K4JYS ... From: "Maritime Radio Historical Society" To:
Bill Stewart
Jul 8

Call for presentations

We're getting serious about the plans for the 2016 Antique Radio Charlotte conference. I'm wondering if anyone in the groups have an idea for a presentation
Ron Lawrence
Jul 7

Re: "The Radio Manual", Sterling 1928 ?

Hello Hue, Great thread, tnx! E. Merle Glunt W3OKN - http://www.qcwa.org/w3okn-05414-sk.htm
Brian Harrison
Jul 6

Sodion DR-6

Hi all Any one out there have any info on the Sodion DR-6 and the amps D-11 Also the S-13 tube Thanks Mark
Jul 5

Re: "The Radio Manual", Sterling 1928 ?

Thanks to all who commented on this. I will add a notation to my copy, replacing what was excised, so it will be a little less of a mystery, at least what was
Hue Miller
Jul 5

1922 tty messages form navy aeroplanes and some one said no earl

1922 tty messages form navy aeroplanes and some one said no early air tty? What am I looking at here? the recv looks like our ip500 by wireless
    Jul 5
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