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RE IC745

Hello everybody, thank you for the advice regarding the inherited IC745 I assume it will find a new home via ebay. Greetings to all of you, stay safe JAn --
Jan Wuesten
Feb 10

Re: De Forest D-12

A guy with special interest in the D-12s, Barker Edwards, says........... I did not see the De Forest question, because I have had problems with the AWA Yahoo.
Feb 9

De Forest D-12

Hi, My research seems to show that the DeForest D-12 could be purchased set up to use either "dry" A batteries, or "standard" 6 volt storage battery. This of
Feb 7

Re: IC-745

I purchased a IC-745 in excellent condition, from a friend, last summer. Came in the original box and paid $300 U.S. dollars for it. Very nice rig for the
Ken Blume
Feb 4

Reliving Radio's 1920s heyday

I just spent way more time than I had expected reliving radio's 1920s heyday depicted in the full-page advertisements John has kindly provided here:
Larry Dighera
Feb 4

Re: IC-745

Hallo, Jan! Mein Deutsch is schwer verrostet, so ich werde English gebrauchen... What I would do is check Ebay and see what they are selling for. This gives
Feb 4


Hello List, I inherited an ICOM IC-745 from a widow that had to get rid of all her former husband's shack who died after 15 years of cancer. I knew the
Jan Wuesten
Feb 4

Icom ic 756 pro3/ Flex 6300/ Elecraft KX3

I am moving into a smaller apartment, so these rigs have to go. Icom IC pro 756 III : $1,250 Icom IC 7800 : $5,000 Flex 6300 : $1,900 Acom 1000 : $1,500
Feb 4

Re: OTB -

Whoops, you are right John. Mine came yesterday also, it was just raining hard after my nap, so, I did not go out to the mailbox till this morning, HI. 73 –
Mike Feher
Feb 2

Re: OTB -

Yes, Mine came yesterday. It's a good one. 73, John ... From: "'Mike Feher' n4fs@... [antiquewirelessassociation]"
Feb 2


Received my OTB today and it is a great issue. Worth the wait. 73 - Mike Mike B. Feher, N4FS 89 Arnold Blvd. Howell, NJ, 07731 732-886-5960
Mike Feher
Feb 2

Re: Sayville recordings (Spark transmissions recorded as received 19

Thanks Tis exactly what I wanted to know. donVE3LYX
Feb 1

Re: Sayville recordings (Spark transmissions recorded as received 19

The recorded Sayville 1915 texts are English. One is a press report, the other a weather report (or secret message to submarines). -- -- From the CHRS Journal:
Bart Lee
Feb 1

For Sale: 1933 Rationalized Autodyne Regenerative Receiver

Seeing what I believe is a Rationalized Autodyne regenerative receiver from QST January 1933. It is built in a nice wrinkle finish cabinet with lid. It uses
Jan 30

For Sale: 1930's Homebrew Transmitter and Receiver

I am selling my early 1930’s 80 meter cw station. I bought this from a fellow who got it from the estate of the OT who built it back in the early 1930’s.
Jan 30
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