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Pictures of SCARS Corona Meet are Online

Thanks once again to Don Matson, we have pictures of the April 11th meet available on the SCARS site, Scott ...
12:31 PM

Re: Hallicrafters S-39, revisited

Question...are you running this set on an isolation xfmr when you're aligning it? You might be seeing some hum along with the 400~ RF generator modulation. 
Don Way
Apr 25

Hallicrafters S-39, revisited

It has been almost a year since I gave up on restoring this radio. Don and I corresponded almost 70 E-mails, we got close, but I was not able to get it
Apr 25

Re: Sams Photofact #510-11 folder

Libraries are all interlinked. If they donÆt have it, they will either get it for you, or point you to the nearest local library that has it. ItÆs too bad
Duke And Rat
Apr 22

Re: Sams Photofact #510-11 folder

Hi Guys, Thank you for your input. Don, purchasing a Sam's photofact from their website would be the last option. They are way overpriced !! There are many
Apr 22

Re: Sams Photofact #510-11 folder

I have a lot of Sams Photofact Service binders. First 2 are marked 1946 and 1947. The rest are in volumes labeled 11 through 54. Binders generally include
Apr 21

Re: Sams Photofact #510-11 folder

You can "search, purchase, and download" Sams Photofacts from this site:  Where the pros shop for Photofact manuals, Quickfact manuals, service manuals and
Don Way
Apr 21

Re: Sams Photofact #510-11 folder

Many public libraries have the entire photo fact series, which you can xerox. ItÆs sorta sad. I go into my local library, and they know what I want when I say
Duke And Rat
Apr 20

Sams Photofact #510-11 folder

Greetings, Would anyone have Photofact #510-11 folder for sale ? Appreciate any help on this item. Thank you ! --Dennis D'Amico
Apr 20

Re: Radio Sale (no subject)

Pictures/descriptions are not available as it isn't an auction - just a private sale. Barry holds sales at his storage unit occasionally for sets from his
Apr 18

(no subject)

Does SCARS or any member have pictures of Barry Dagastino's radios that will be auctioned? Thanks, Jack
Jack Gray
Apr 18

Dagestino Radio Sale Delayed

Due to health issues, Barry Dagestino's storage unit radio sale - scheduled for April 18-19 as detailed in the May 2015 SCARS Gazette - has been cancelled. The
Apr 17

Re: Cleaning House-Items for sale & giveaway

Brownie points for dudes who save old TVÆs from the scrapheap. BD ... Brownie points for dudes who save old TVÆs from the scrapheap. BD On Apr 15, 2015, at
Duke And Rat
Apr 16

Cleaning House-Items for sale & giveaway

1. Tubes, Used. All Tested & OK: 1-1U4, 1-1LC6, 1-3V4, 4-6AU6, 4-12AU7, 1-12AX7, 1-6H6G, 1-6X4, 3-gas-filled regulator (VR) tubes; 1-807, 1-1625, 1-6G6-G,
Don Way
Apr 15

Re: Transoceanic Filaments

hmmm...Yes, oscillator section involves pins 3 & 4.  I wouldn't mess around with the oscillator circuit, tho', until you get the filament voltage where it
Don Way
Apr 2
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