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Re: Some little suggestion

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  • shadowknight_blood
    ^________________________________________________^ Well, at first, I detested hentai. i mean, really, really, REALLY detested it.Until, one day, I saw
    Message 1 of 274 , Sep 2, 2001
      ^________________________________________________^<br><br>Well, at first, I detested hentai. i mean, really,
      really, REALLY detested it.Until, one day, I saw this
      REALLY cool hentai of Sailor Mercury. it had such nice,
      cool texture, glowing bits that made her hair look
      alive and shining, detail in each strand that fell over
      her brow... I mean, WOW!!! I really wanted to draw
      with THAT kind of detail! (I was a Sonoda fan back
      then, and ONLY draw in Sonoda's style). It may sound
      like hard work, but I've always wanted to make my
      technique better and look great. SO, i started studying
      hentai techniques (it is hard to get past the hardcore
      ones... but the softcore ones are SOOOO cool!... er,
      right). I found this Mai Shiranui one that I can adapt
      too, and so far, I perfected the eyes! (I was getting
      tired of a massive circle over the pupil technique,
      anyway). I have completely NO idea how to make the skin
      texture look soooooo soft and human (I suck in coloring),
      and that's what I'm trying to do...<br><br>Okay,
      before I could go any further, I assume you got my
      point... I love the art technique they use in hentai, and
      so forth, I believe that Hentai is art. I'd say
      hentai is much better than the art they are producing
      today... I just can't STAND people saying a black square
      over white canvas is 'Art'!!! I feel like
      screaming!!!!! I can't believe someone got paid a million
      dollars just for THAT!!!! -sob- An even more blasphemy is
      when someone did this pattern and was called art!!!
      -sob- It's NEVER the creative genius that mattered
      anymore, as long as you are a decendant to Van Goh, or
      whoever, you will get paid! -sob- <br><br>damn, now I'm
      depressed.... -sob-
    • soryuri_galacta
      everyone just talk!!!!!
      Message 274 of 274 , Feb 28, 2002
        everyone just talk!!!!!
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