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Seeking 10 People Now

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  • takealooknow123
    Seeking 10 People Now Be Serious If You Reply Seeking persons from the following ranks who for numerous personal reasons wish to better their lives. Anyone who
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2004
      Seeking 10 People Now

      Be Serious If You Reply

      Seeking persons from the following ranks who for numerous personal
      reasons wish to better their lives.

      Anyone who would like to pay off all their debts quickly, to build a
      real nest egg in the bank, to take a long rest from that dead end
      job, to start their own business, to expand their current business,
      to pay for college expenses for self or kids, to financially take
      care of other family members, to pay off the mortgage, to have money
      to buy that first or next home, to drive vehicles that really run
      well, to be self employed, to really go shopping, to invest in
      personal hobbies or projects, to invest in other businesses, to take
      that dream vacation, to semi-retire, or for a few to fully retire.

      The persons sought would be the kind of person who would place and
      win a big bet on a ball game then pocket that cash, hit it big on a
      slot machine but not report it, play a poker game with friends
      without reporting, people who have felt ripped from mlm programs,
      people who are cheated on their click counts by affiliates, people
      who have been cheated by a real business who didn't deliver.

      You're still reading so I still have your attention.

      We are going to take an old concept of chain letters and pyramids and
      do it different. Its going to be legal. There will be a product
      purchased and delivered. It will be something to which each member
      contributes in the making. We will employ network marketing because
      of the power of others doing your advertising. And this will all be
      completely private.

      The member list and the way to pay each person on the list and the
      product will be a private separate segment that is emailed
      independently. This will be to protect members from public scrutiny.
      Why? Because there are many out there who will scream scam scam scam
      at anything and everything they see. Then turn right around to open a
      new business and employ their employees at slave wages. Some of you
      know already.

      The payment part of this will be by online direct money transfer.
      Everyone will be paid very quickly. No envelopes in the mail. No
      Admin MLM collecting funds to maybe be distributed months later. The
      payment processor will not be disclosed except to those who are ready
      to make payment and receive the product through that payment. Online
      money payment processing companies get nervous when their name is
      publicly attached to anything that looks like network marketing.
      We're going to do this differently to eliminate the fear of such
      companies freezing funds. Everything will be private and contained
      within house.

      This is an old concept devised into a new approach to make it work
      for all members. It will consist of $5 payments for a product
      consisting of 5 components. This will play out 5 levels deep through
      the power of network marketing. Most of the self made millionaires of
      the dotcom boom of the 90's did so through the power of network

      The total cost for a new member to join will be $25
      Then they advertise and self promote.

      Here are some examples of what could possibly play out over time.
      These are just possibilities not guarantees. It is possible for this
      to occur because of using online direct money payments and keeping
      personal information private and contained within house. To eliminate

      It is very possible this can accumulate within a single month.
      1st level 5 x $5 = $25
      2nd level 5x5=25 x $5 = $125
      3rd level 5x25=125 x $5 = $625
      4th level 5x125=625 x $5 = $3,125
      5th level 5x625=3,125 x $5 = $15,625

      The power of 6 members 5 levels deep can accumulate
      $38,880 within 1 to 2 months

      This can accumulate within 1 to 2 months.
      1st level 7 x $5 = $35
      2nd level 7x7=49 x $5 = $245
      3rd level 7x49=343 x $5 = $1,715
      4th level 7x343=2,401 x $5 = $12,005
      5th level 7x2,401=16,807 x $5 = $84,035

      The power of 8 members 5 levels deep can accumulate
      $163,840 within 1 to 3 months.

      The power of 9 members 5 levels deep can accumulate
      $295,245 within 1 to 3 months.

      This can accumulate within 1 to 4 months.
      1st level 10 x $5 = $50
      2nd level 10x10=100 x $5 = $500
      3rd level 10x100=1,000 x $5 = $5,000
      4th level 10x1,000=10,000 x $5 = $50,000
      5th level 10x10,000=100,000 x $5 = $500,000

      You're still reading so you're still interested.
      All of the above can work by members just being honest with each
      needsomejuice@ hot mail dot com
      needsomejuice2003@ yahoo dot com

      Going 5 levels only is a realistic approach to make network marketing
      work. This is researched and proven. Trying to go deeper than 5
      levels will take too long for the funds to appear and new members in
      the later stages will not work such a longer program to completion.

      Keeping everything in a straight downline is the best approach to
      acquire funds. Again researched and proven. Any MLM you see that has
      dual or multiple matrix's to fill on each level before moving to the
      next level for payment is simply cheating those members out of
      increased finances and only designed to feed into the admin / website

      Here's another clue to consider. Don't try to be greedy and get as
      many people as you can on your first level. It wont work. Help the
      people directly underneath you to recruit their members as well. This
      only works to completion if the members directly under you have
      members under them who have members under them. Get the point? This
      will be further discussed later so that everyone who joins is on
      track to properly understand how to make a program like this actually
      go all the way to completion.

      If you are TRULY interested, wish to pay off all those debts, house
      mortgage, kiss that dead end job goodbye, etc, Then do These things.
      1st DO NOT Contact me unless you understand everything and are for
      sure 100% wanting to pursue this all the way for the right personal
      reasons. Wait until you are sure.
      2nd send me an email from a separate email address indicating that
      yes you wish to become a member. Make up a separate email address /
      account just for this. For you to advertise from and receive
      communication from others. Check mail daily. No over quota accounts.
      How are you going to do business if you don't check your messages?
      3rd Take this same letter, use it just like it is to recruit your
      members. Do not change anything EXCEPT place your email contacts into
      the letter where you see mine.
      Do Not Spam, Beware of Bulk email senders and autobots, place in free
      places to Post, pay for advertising, or lead potential prospects into
      asking for information. Go in a different direction from where you
      see this posted. Everyone cant fish in the same pond.
      4th Then contact me again when you do indeed for sure have a minimum
      of 5 to 10 persons of your own who are likewise for sure ready to do
      this. (don't be greedy, once you get 10 members help them to get 10
      members) (you can always play this again later, right now try to run
      this through to completion going 5 levels deep)
      (Be skeptical of anyone who emails you back the same day or even the
      next day saying they have 5, 10, or more persons waiting. Most likely
      they do not.)

      When you have your potential 5 to 10 members ready then you will be
      given the next step of this process. Everything there will be
      explained fully with further instructions on how to make this work
      for everyone. The contact list of persons and the payment processor
      to use and the actual legal product which everyone will be purchasing
      and contributing to will be given. This is to keep everything private
      and contained within house.
      needsomejuice@ hot mail dot com
      needsomejuice2003@ yahoo dot com
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