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Leon Tribe's zero point energy thruster, proven by alians, military films!

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  • Miklós Borbás
    Leon Tribe ; Military films from ZPE flying crafts: http://videa.hu/videok/tudomany-technika/katonai-ufo-eszlelesek-Cx1SEIeKUyFNlwmP
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2010
      Leon Tribe <leon.tribe@...>;

      Military films from ZPE flying crafts:


      Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010, 12:46 AM=0A> The peak force of the lifter is given by,

      F = q^2/(2*eo=A)

      where q is the charge stored, e0 is the permitivity of free space and A
      is the effective area of the capacitance of the lifter.
      This can be restated as,

      F = (0.5*C*V^2) / d

      here C is the capacitance, V is the voltage across it and d is the space between the plates and yes, this is proportional to V^2. Relative to a real device, the maximum operating voltage, V,
      increases linearly
      with d, while the capacitance decreases linearly with d,
      hich pretty
      much offsets any gains. The problem with such devices
      is that they are not all that scalable and it's hard to get enough l=ft to
      lift itself,
      not to mention, a payload.

      The force rises from the ordinary forces acting on the
      plates of a chargede capacitance. The energy stored in the lifter
      capacitance is dischrged asymmetrically because the region near the small plate breaks
      down before the region near the large plate. As a
      result, the force =n
      the small plate (the wire) momentarily disappears, until
      recharged by
      the supply. The force on the large plate remains
      relativel= constant,
      while the force on the small plate periodically drops to zero, resulting
      in a net force from the direction of the large pl=te to the
      plate. This is also responsible for the
      characteristic wire vibrations
      and buzz of lifter devices, why they don't=work in a
      vacuum and why
      they don't start to work until the air sqarts to break down.

      So how about a realizable, spaceworthy design using this

      Consider a parallel plate device in=a vacuum, with half of the space between the plates filled with allow pressure gas.
      The breakdown gas will need to be contained in=a quartz or similar
      'bottle', since the energy discharged within=the tube will be quite high and it must be cooled and be capable if withstanding high temperatures if any kind of useful forces are to be developed. The gas will also
      need to be selected and the p=essure tuned for maximum breakdown
      voltage. Such devices might b= useful for station keeping, but probably
      not for primary propuls=on, although we already know how to use
      gyro's for propellantless=station keeping.

      A similar mode of propulsion can be produced if magnetic
      field can be asymmetrically collapsed.


      On 06/26/10 14:55, Miklós Borbás wrote:
      I've been mulli=g over your statement "Speed increase
      linear with voltage, and square root with reduction of air
      pressure". I'm always frustrated that you ta=k in terms of terminal velocity rather than force but I think I have t=is
      one cracked.

      F(drag) = constant1*air dens=ty*velocity^ 2 (http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.

      F(lifter) = constant2*voltage^ 2 (equation 19 of my
      air pa=er)

      At terminal velocity F(drag)=F(lifter)

      Therefore voltage^2=constant3 *pressure* velocity^ 2
      (air density is proportional to air pressure at a given

      Therefore velocity = constant 4*voltage/sqrt( pressure)

      Your experimental findings appear to be consistent
      with my formula if I've understood your statement

      Leon Tribe

      2010/6/11 Miklós Borbás<borbasmiklos@...>

      Hi everyone!

      My six years experience with high voltage devices, by lot off measurings, is created for me possibility for assessment currents in my thrusters, with errors less than 5-6%. Speed of neutralizing ions I calculate from voltage and air pressure (on 35kV and 762 Torr air presure mean speed of neutralizing ions is 6m/s). Speed increase linear with voltage, end square root with reduction of air pressure.
      With assessment the current of the special electrode of corona discharger segment and calculate the mean speed of neutralizing ions, I can simple simple calculate the thrust...

      Zero point energy thrusters are immensely require in
      Our Future in Cars (wich can flys), Aircrafts, Spacecrafts etc., since the
      Nature none see other solution for transport in wo=ld of consumed Oil.

      Progressive thinking can easy reach very high resoults. Deductive
      science thinking, unbelievably in simple facts and building
      into the defective base, as today science, none conduct resoult.

      There is in proceeding possibility for everyone, open discussion about ZPE thrusters. Proven zero point energy thruster proves
      abnormal blemishs in Einste=n's theory of relativity -
      light simple moves with 3E8m/s land to cent=al mass of the universe:)

      Physics is most simple, we have =o understand: Central
      mass of the full existing is the core of t=e zero point energy, from this central moves electromagnetic waves with speed of c. Stupid c is a very much constante, and very much ou=worn by zero point energy thruster's flying saucers...
      Zero point energy makes liquidation of the full energy density and by moving neutralizing ions produce extra high speed moving=plus energy parts, wich contributes thrust. Thrust can be very strong, without any materials reaction. Reaction of the thrust is moving mass of plus energy parts.

      Description of ZPE:



      My US patent:

      Number: 12/021130=0A> > Earliest Publication No: US 2008-0284278 A1

      Open discussion:


      My experiments:





      Magyarul a fontosabb kisérleteim:


      Magyarul az elmélet:


      Discussion page:


      If we simple understand Laws of the Naturale,
      subatomic structure of materials will be most simple to

      Naturale must to establish regular l=ves to as, all
      materials, the full existing is establish for Our=Regular Lives. Nonsense
      is requisition of base of subatomic particles. Even the bigger atomic
      accelerator on the world isn't gave resoult for primitive investigation, simple gravity we can understand by just a Law of the Naturale, it hasn't its
      own particles:)

      Natural just continually establish the next:
      Everything must be=true We has in Our Perfect Consciousness. We are the physical lifes.=0A> Natural faits with Our defective thinking, wich claim problems and primitivity. .. Natural is perfect. The most beautiful possibi=ity are real small Galaxys, one Galaxy in one 3D universe, Galax=s placen in Next Next 3 dimensions. Stars can be Economical Small Deuterium Stars, with Neverending Lives. In This Small Perfect Galaxy We can travel to near Living Planets with Zero Point Energy Thru=ters Perfect Spacecrafts.


      My experiments:





      Magyarul a fontosabb kisérleteim:


      Magyarul az elmélet:


      Contact of the administrator of the discussion:

      Don Mitchell<donemitchell@...>,

      Discussion page:


      Military films from ZPE flying crafts:


      Best Regards:

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