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Re: World Gathering - 25 & 26 August 2007

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  • Maurice Brown
    World peace is a nobel idea but it is not going to happen; at least until other events happen first; and then, most people will not be there to enjoy it. Evil
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2007
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      World peace is a nobel idea but it is not going to happen; at least
      until other events happen first; and then, most people will not be
      there to enjoy it.

      Evil will get worse and worse. The powers of darkness will continue
      to gain momentum and the presence of grace and light become more and
      more evidently needed.

      I understand true prophecy fairly well.

      A true prophet will never say what God has not revealed to be said.
      All true prophecy testifies of the Messiah in some level or angle.

      The Christ himself said he would return; nearing that time, people
      would become more like in the time of Noah. Nowdays, as people are
      told that the return of Christ is near, most, even those who claim to
      believe it, do not; Their lifestyles prove it.

      People go on in their daily lives as if God can not see everything
      they do, abusing john 3:16 as a crutch for an unfounded faith.

      Genuine faith only comes to those who humble themself and repent of
      their own ways and thoughts, and sincerly seek God with all their
      mind, heart, soul, and strength; for him to mold and shape and govern
      their ways and thoughts.

      Those who are not this way do not truely fear their eternal
      judgement, and will soon find themself cursing God for all the
      horible things coming on the earth.

      If you wait till the end times hit full swing to cry out, it will be
      too late. It was fortold by the times of Noah; they did not believe
      until the floods came. But then it was too late, the hatch of the Ark
      was sealed shut. Once the heavens open loose the wrath upon earth,
      peoples hearts will fail them for fear and they will not be able to
      be encouraged or hope.

      Only those who heard the truth this way, and took it seriously, and
      watched how they lived, inreverence to the gospel, not in reverence
      to mans substitutions for the gospel, substitution is antichrist;
      anti in the greek means counterfeit. These God fearing believers who
      commit to trust to find the grace to obey, They will be the only ones
      to find the help from above to be encouraged when those times come
      down. With that heaven ordained kind of faith, they will be changed
      at the appearing of Christ in the clouds and will go up as did the
      Lord in his resurrected body. Then pure hell will be unleashed on
      earth and no one will be able to die to escape it.
      God will destroy heavens and earth with fire so great that all
      elements will be burned up.

      Then God will make new heavens and a new earth.

      These words are true. people can lie, and they do, no matter how
      inocent they want to be, but God can not lie. these things will

      We had Best do what we can to get ready.
      Commit to trust that the Jesus of the bible was real, that he paid
      the cost for the sins of those who will obey his commands, and his
      commands are not grievious.

      Love God with all in full surrender to his lordship over you, and
      then find ability in his Spirit that you become at one with, to love
      others the way Jesus did.

      No lukewarmness permitted, that will not hold up.

      This may sound to some like God is mean, if this were true. God has
      made is Spiritual reality very obvious. You will not be able to
      question your salvation when you do it his way, the way I described
      in this message. That is actually great love, to make things only
      work the way that makes them extreemly obvious.
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