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[AntigravityUFO type Propulsion] Re: Lies

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  • ufolight
    One can try to imagine that the sun doesnt shine, but that wont make it worth believing in. When the bible says not to judge or else you will be judged, it is
    Message 1 of 7 , May 1, 2007
      One can try to imagine that the sun doesnt shine, but that wont make
      it worth believing in.

      When the bible says not to judge or else you will be judged, it is
      from the original word meaning condemn. It is also written in the
      bible that a spiritual(referring to the enlightened by gods Spirit),
      that a spiritual person judgest all things. That word 'judgest' in
      the greek means: discernment. If you become spiritually mature in
      your gifts and calling from God, you will be able to discern truth
      and judgement and the balance of all truth in the things of God.

      A problem, people often do not like having their beliefs shown to be
      in the wrong. If we want to say we love God, we should also love his
      corrective instructions= love him with all the mind(understanding)

      --- In antigravityufotypepropulsion@yahoogroups.com, gary storm
      <drummerpoet@...> wrote:
      > Kenny B:
      > I understand your message but, Jesus was proclaimed to be the son
      of God by the council of Constantinople in 553 A.D. To give the
      church piwer over landlords and kings. The church also claimed itself
      to be above the law of paying taxes. There were many advantages for
      this ruling to the church.
      > There are many years of teaching our children the very same ideal.
      This ideal has become a truth to each generation. There are so many
      different types of christianity all claiming to be the "ONE" true
      road to heaven. All the rest are decievers and are going to hell.
      Unfortunatley my sister is one of members of these Christian groups.
      I was born Catholic, but I consider myself to be spiritual. I condemn
      no religion unless it supports the obvious worship of Satan etc. My
      Sisters beliefs have gone so far as to condems our sweet grandmother
      who went to church every morning and twice on Sundays to the confines
      of Hell because she was not Christian. Even though her belief was
      that Jesus was the son of God. There is so much judgement and so much
      self-righteousness in Christianity. Judge not lest ye be judged.
      > I believe in the words of John Lennon when he said :
      > Imagine theres no heaven,
      > Its easy if you try,
      > No Hell below us,
      > Above us only sky
      > Imagine all the people,
      > living for today...
      > Imagine theres no countries,
      > It isn't hard to do,
      > Imagine no possessions,
      > I wonder if you can,
      > You may say that I'm a dreamer,
      > But I'm not the only one
      > I hope someday Kenny you'll join us,
      > And the world will live as one
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      > Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 7:32:08 AM
      > Subject: [AntigravityUFO type Propulsion] Re: Lies
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      > >
      > > So basically you are saying you beleive that Jesus and
      > >
      > >
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      > > Subject: [AntigravityUFO type Propulsion] Lies
      > >
      > > Message 3028 was deleted and the poster banned, because it was
      > > another attempt to promote a site that claims prophecy on
      > > That site is steeped in serious errors
      > >
      > > they claim that Jesus and Father are not equally God
      > >
      > > they claim that Father created Jesus
      > >
      > > they claim only Father God created
      > >
      > > Basicly, they are so full of deceit I will not sit by and let
      > > spread their filthy lies to members of this group.
      > >
      > > When you read Colossians chapter 1, beginning in verse 14, it is
      > > referring to Jesus.
      > > You read through 18, all that is about Jesus.
      > >
      > > What does it say about Jesus?
      > > Everything in heaven and earth were created by Jesus.
      > > It says that everything that was created is held together by Jesus
      > > "by him all things consits" that's what the word consist means in
      > the
      > > original language. If it were not for Jesus holding all things
      > > together, they would disintegrate.
      > >
      > > This group and the truth told of here is of great interest. I am
      > the
      > > one who started this group; but far more important than anything
      > > do or talk of is the eternal reality.
      > >
      > > Whatever affiliation you may have religiously, you should only
      > > about what is true. There have been deceivers in the world from
      > > fall of Lucifer. There have been blind deceivers and willful
      > > about the things of God in Christ even from the time Jesus was
      > >
      > > You can not feel secure just because your church claims to be the
      > > original, or the true, or any claim.
      > >
      > > If you genuinely fear God, you want the truth, you want to know
      > > the powers od darkness are pulling the woll over your eyes.
      > >
      > > I had come to understand my gifts and calling years ago, way
      > > getting revelation about antigravity.
      > >
      > > I know I am called and chosen by God to do the work of apostle
      > > prophet.
      > >
      > > God opens my eyes to see the light against the evils mocking the
      > real
      > > truth.
      > >
      > > You can judge for yourself by reading in
      > > http://www.geocitie s.com/ur2live4je sus
      > > and searching the bible and in prayer and fellowship with others
      > > about all I say; and you will be able to know the truth for your
      > own
      > > self from a lie.
      > > But! If all you want to do, way down deep inside, is hold onto,
      > > defend some branch of christianity, There is not much hope that
      > > scales of blindness will be removed from your eyes.
      > >
      > > It takes absolute serious repentance to gain real spiritual
      > > salvation, deliverence, and enlightenment from the holy God.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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      > Fantastic!! I never thought I would hear a message like this one on
      > this site.I say AMEN to this reply.Lets continue stomping out the
      > lies as they come in.The evil one will be defeated in due
      > time.Thanks! !
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    • ufolight
      As the one who originated this topic; I take the liberty to interject in any reply of it. So often people take a pasifist view about the common precept of
      Message 2 of 7 , May 1, 2007
        As the one who originated this topic; I take the liberty to interject
        in any reply of it.

        So often people take a pasifist view about the common precept of
        saying 'I do not co0ndemn'
        There are humanistic opinions and there is authentic reality truth.
        To be one who is called to define distinctions is neither unkind nor
        condemning; It is the kind of love propagated by The Holy Spirit of
        God in us who are dedicated to trust in the gospel, that works to
        bring understanding.Correctly.
        Jesus prayed to Father that his followers would be in unity as he and
        Father were in unity(one)
        Paul the apostle worked and ministered toward being of one mind and
        saying the same things.

        To be genuinely humble, one must not want to cling to any belief
        solidly unless it were a personal revelation, even then remaining
        open to hear better.

        I strongly caution about 'mystics'

        About Islam; realize, they basicly believe, so they say, in Abraham,
        Moses, and Jesus. I tell you this is a false claim they make.
        The same for non-messianic Jews; Moses the law the Prophets and
        Abraham all fortold of JESUS. If they believed any before Jesus, why
        then do not they follow Jesus words? Jesus spoke of the fulfillment
        of prophecy in that the Spirit of the Lord would come after He
        departed up after being raised bodily from the dead, being back with
        God the Father, he did send down that same spirit that raised him
        from the dead to be IN US. That spirit would bear witness of Jesus.
        Then, if you truely look to God without rebellion or hardheartedness,
        wanting his fellowship, you should bear witness of that witness his
        spirit bears within you.

        That is the PRIME thing each soul will be judged upon, how they
        rejected or glued to that very spirit of truth.

        --- In antigravityufotypepropulsion@yahoogroups.com, gary storm
        <drummerpoet@...> wrote:
        > Kenneth:
        > I also condemn no one for their beliefs. I myself used to be
        Catholic. I changed belief systems in 1982 when I met a Master in
        Mysticism. What I meant by saying their are many christian religions
        is that maybe what I should have said was there are many Christian
        sects the number I believe is somewhere around a hundred and ten 110.
        They all have many similarities but they also teach their
        differences. In the Book of Islam their are many different
        interpretations and just as many Masters with more variances than
        Christianity. You can see that on national TV when the Muslims
        condemn other Muslims concerning the will of Allah and how it should
        be carried out.
        > All is as it should be. A persons spirituality is exactly where it
        should be according to what he is ready to accept. There are many
        doors, when you open one and step in the door closes behind you.
        There is a new path that illuminates its self for you, there is no
        going back. We are always learning and therefore moving towards the
        next door which opens for us with more wonderment and knowledge than
        we can imagine. But the student must be aware of life teachings, for
        only then does the master appear. Therefore everything is as it
        should be. The universe unfolds its teachings to those who are open
        and can listen to the wind talk.
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        > From: W. Kenneth Ballenger <kball572000@...>
        > To: antigravityufotypepropulsion@yahoogroups.com
        > Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 7:29:57 AM
        > Subject: Re: [AntigravityUFO type Propulsion] Re: Lies
        > Gary,
        > I wanted to explain the reason of my reply.First of
        > all,I myself condemn no one for their beliefs unless
        > of coarse like you it condones satan worship.I did not
        > understand your statement that their are MANY
        > Christian religions.Religions are man-made.They put a
        > title on everything.The teachings of Jesus stuck down
        > the religions of the day in His time.He strictly
        > struck down those.He did say "Seek first the kingdom
        > of God and all else will follow".I do not know what
        > type your sister was practicing but I do know that a
        > TRUE Christian does not cut down another person but
        > just as Christ does loves that person even if that
        > person is doing the"wrong thing".The bottom line as
        > far as I believe is to love your neighbor as yourself
        > and to speak the truth in love.Please let me know if
        > you would like to continue this conversation. Have a
        > great day.
        > kennyb
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      • ufolight
        Answer to ps This subject began because I, the founder of this group,am also an apostle of home churchs. I have been established in the things of God for over
        Message 3 of 7 , May 1, 2007
          Answer to ps
          This subject began because I, the founder of this group,am also an
          apostle of home churchs. I have been established in the things of God
          for over 25 years, though I know I was called from before being
          formed in my mothers womb
          I am Maurice Brown and go by ufolight and ur2live4jesus, and my
          christian biker name is Bullfrog
          You can read about a very powerful prophetic dream God gave me prior
          to any public knowledge of how sick the former pope was.
          There are links in the heading of this group to my ministry site, or
          go to
          In that site, when you go deep enough into the site pages, you find a
          link button saying 'pwerful prophetic dream'
          In there you willread the account of the dream, which then I had a
          vivid vision, then another contiuation of prophetic dream.

          In all this, God told and showed me that the Roman Catholic Church is
          a part of his church on earth, but that it had many hindering errors
          and religious sins.
          One of them being marionism.
          From the time I first dedicated to follow Jesus wholeheartedly(which
          was many years after when I first believed)From that time in 82,
          becoming sold out to be under Him in every way posible(not under man)
          from that time I began to be aware of sins and rebellion and
          falsehood in much of christiandom.
          Satan tried hundreds of times before becoming dedicated , to take my
          life, litterally hundreds of time, that I am aware of.
          The devil knew God planed on bringing me into the world as his true
          Obviously, there are thousands of others as pure in heart as I was
          created to become; nevertheless, only bragging on the work and
          building of God, for I can do nothing and am nothing but his servant;
          but bragging on Gods revelation to me for the world; I have not seen
          anyone with the clearity of truth in instruction on several topics as
          shown in my site.

          All scripture is given by the breath of Gods spirit to holy men of
          God. The only way likewise to rightly comprehend them is by the same
          spirit inspiration that authored them.

          For this reason, I urge everyone not to respect me, but make sure you
          are not hasty to reject the work God ordained through me.

          Even as itb is written how Paul urged that we would with purpose of
          heart cleave unto God.
          A clearler translation should read : that we would be in awe before
          the presence of God Almighty like the shewbread, for that fear of God
          is our bread, and it is ever in his awesome presence; with that
          lifestyle attitude, be stuck and glued and adhered to the Lord so
          much that if you try to pull away it hurts worse than ripping duct
          tape off sensitive skin

          --- In antigravityufotypepropulsion@yahoogroups.com, "W. Kenneth
          Ballenger" <kball572000@...> wrote:
          > Gary,
          > Thanks for the reply.I agree that there are probably
          > a plethora of Christian sects.Everyone has a little
          > differant view on the teachings of Christ.This is the
          > point when Jesus was talking to the Pharisees and the
          > Sadducees in the new testament.As you may already know
          > they had rules and regulations that were added onto
          > the original ones given by God in Leviticus in the Old
          > Testament on how the Jews were to live.The problem was
          > that they continued and added more and more as years
          > went by.By the time Jesus was born it had actually
          > become a joke.
          > I suppose that you being a ex-Catholic you are
          > aware that is exactly what the Catholics have done.The
          > one that for me,does it in,is all the attention that
          > Mary gets.They put her on a pedestal above Christ
          > which in totally false.They have turned her into a
          > saint which of coarse in wrong.I have enjoyed these
          > discussions and hope to here from you soon.May God
          > bless you and your family.
          > P.S. How did we get on this subject on a UFO web site?
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