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SOS - The Planet And Humanity Are In Trouble

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  • Michael Irving
    Mayday… Mayday… Mayday…. PEOPLES PARLIAMENT and WORLD GATHERING Saturday and Sunday, 25th and 26th August, 2007 Meet with friends and contacts, and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      Mayday… Mayday… Mayday….


      Saturday and Sunday, 25th and 26th August, 2007

      Meet with friends and contacts, and discuss the situation the world is

      Give people leaflets, CDs, etc. with information you believe is

      We have hundreds of aircraft intentionally spraying a noxious mixture
      over half the countries in the world. Tens of millions know this bizarre
      phenomenon as either `Chemtrails', or `Chem Trails'.
      Have you noticed many people becoming weak and ill for no apparent
      reason during the past ten years? What do you think this thick mixture
      is doing. Next time you have an allergic-type hacking cough, think back
      over the past 48 hours and try to remember whether there had been thick
      and messy trails coming only from certain planes.

      Tens of millions of people know there is massive technology used in
      manipulation of our weather. There is a U.S. government bill called,
      `Owning The Weather 2025', well, they are ahead of schedule.
      There is the massive `Chemtrail' spraying, the H.A.A.R.P.
      installation in Alaska, and other powerful technologies which have been
      designed to mess around with our weather, our oxygen and our atmosphere.
      During the same time-scale our weather has been going weird, these
      technologies have been in use. Is it too great a stretch of the
      imagination to say these two things are connected.

      Have you noticed we keep having these wars all the bloody time.
      Doesn't it get you down? The war in Iraq is a complete mess…
      men, woman, children, babies being blown to shreds. The world needs to
      know that the tragic event in 2001, known as `9-11' was
      perpetrated by those who have started up the awful tragedy known as the
      `War On Terror'. The people pursuing this war BEGAN this war by
      bombing the living daylights out of their own people on September 11th,
      2001. Yes: the twin towers were both brought down by explosive charges
      planted throughout the buildings. If you have bombs to pull the
      buildings down, why have planes to fly into them? To make it look like
      `terrorists'. This piece of evidence is just the start of the
      facts on `9-11'.

      Now what are all these bright and unusual and persistent anomalous craft
      doing in our atmosphere all the time. They must be there for some
      reason. This situation certainly has news commentators at BBC TV
      uncomfortable. They giggle and smirk with embarrassment whenever they
      give a `UFO' report. Do you want to know the truth?

      Plan for it now ….


      SAT and SUN, 25/26 AUGUST, 2007

      Be there!


      In the past, in Britain, warning beacons were lit on hilltops to let
      people know they were in danger. Well, we're going to do that
      worldwide this year on the night of Saturday, 25th August:


      Meet with friends and contacts on the top of a favourite hill for the
      night of Saturday, 25th August 2007. Stay all night. Discuss the world
      situation. Take leaflets on information you believe is important and
      give them to other people. Take powerful flashlights and make contact
      with other hilltops.

      Noon, Saturday 25 August - to - Noon, Sunday 26 August.

      Details: http://www.michael-irving.com/gathering.html

      Mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/worldgathering

      Planning: http://tribes.tribe.net/worldgathering

      This message: http://www.michael-irving.com/beacon.html


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