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Re: [AntigravityUFO type Propulsion] here's a bunch of interesting things to consume your time

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  • ufolight
    Hello Mike. I point out that though something is used for one thing doesnt limit it from being used other ways. I make this point to prevent minds from being
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      Hello Mike.

      I point out that though something is used for one thing doesnt limit
      it from being used other ways. I make this point to prevent minds
      from being closed by the way you approached that article.

      I'll give you a couple examples:
      Back when I first started realizing that I was getting visions and
      rekoned understanding of advanced technology; After having designed
      an entire engine to manufacture antigravity/interstellar drive, by
      faith; Then, I began seeing confirmations of the technology being
      very real.
      Like in 1999 when the learning channel aired a program on the
      centuries amazing inventions; They showed the "light craft" ,a disc
      type object that shoots about 500 feet up by the effects generated
      from a ground based laser.
      That very principle of what a laser does inside that shape polished
      inside is a major part of my design, and when I received the vision,
      I didnt even know how to spell "laser" much less how one worked.
      My design steps up a laser by a similar design as light craft in a
      particular set up , and causes it to go into over drive so to speak.
      A yahoo group who no longer is there critisized me because I refered
      to my design as a laser superconductor. Their minds where stuck on
      common meanings of superconduction; even though they were very
      educated people and involved with NASA, they were so rude they banned
      me because I was trying to open their minds to see something they
      could not.
      Another example, I had a dream that showed me a special technology
      design which looked sort of like a tree diagram with wires running
      through the branchs to each thing similar to a pine needle, all wires
      gathered at the main branch or trunk.
      I related this design to a man who was a former employee to the
      National Security Agency here in UAS, and he informed me the name of
      the project I saw, it was a secret thing he had worked on out in the
      middle of the ocean with NSA ; The purpose they were using it for was
      different than the vision I saw in a dream,
      I tried back then to relate with MIT AAFB and White Sands, who were
      the ones showing the light craft, that they had been using the
      abilities wrong, that they needed the disc shapes only to cause the
      laser to go into runaway, but from an onboard laser not ground based.
      And because the laser gets stepped up and goes into runaway on board,
      you do not need a very powerful laser, it will naturally build up
      once started inside the design.
      After a few times of those military places responding with me about
      it, they cut off replying to me after I told them I had a huge
      massive ufo visit over our house in 1966, when I was 10.
      Soon after try quit relating with me; and I have their letters from
      the mail; they set up a trailer ajacent from ours, back in Phoenix
      Airzona, in 1999, and I have photos of their trailer being there.
      They had all sorts of survailence equiptment on the roof trying to
      figure our what I was doing.

      One day, maybe after I retire, I'll be able to spend my own time and
      money perfecting this technology. I know, not only will it generate a
      buble of antigravity energy, it will access the waves of natural
      anitygravity going back out in equal oposit force to ride them for
      free, and it can be tuned into any frequency including light waves to
      use multiples of the distance in the positive to negative sides of
      magnetic light poles to go from 10 X's to 1000 x's to infinity times
      the spped of light , and this design will open a gateway into another
      dimension to jump from one space time to another in just moments.
      I found conclusive evidence that all this works just as I was shown.

      Some people want me to plainly explain to them the design and how it
      I'm online mainly to find others who have similar technology learned
      the same way.
      We need to work together someday on this.

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      <mikefurness2002@...> wrote:
      > HELLO ALL,
      > I've only read two paragraphs, and they use words
      > don't know the meaning of, and make blatantly stupid atatements!
      > 1.0 pulse or interrupted transmission has been with us since the
      first Morse
      > code signals! 2.0. An 'Amplidyne' (another name is 'Ward-Leonard'
      is a
      > method of producing varying levels of power for turning aerial
      systems, NOT
      > PRODUCING PULSES! Amplidyne is the American name for the system,
      consists of
      > a powerful motor turning a DC dynamo, output from the brushes is
      the power,
      > can be many kilowatts, for turning the aerial, output is controlled
      > as on the old car dynamos by controlling the field strength, usually
      > thermionic valves driven by the position or turning speed of the
      > that's required. NO WAY is this either pulses or AC, the Iron
      armature and
      > many turns preclude any frequency (or stopping) in anything under a
      > second or so!
      > 3.0 "Aerial transmits .5MW, and with aerial gain of 30db, that's
      > (forgotten exact quote) at person in beam! Never heard such
      > aerial gain:- an aerial is considered to radiate in an either
      spherical or
      > hemispherical way around the aerial, tgherefore, at any point and
      > from the aeri\al it is easy to see WHAT PROPORTION OF THE
      > APPEARS IN THAT POSITION, even say 50 ft away, the incident power
      at one
      > square yard is only a very small amount of what comes from the
      > (which of course remains unchanged) now, if the aerial focusses the
      > like a reflector in a torch, then all (or nearly all) of the power
      goes in
      > one direction! and is 30 db greater than it otherwise would have
      been (one
      > Db is 10 times log 10 of the power difference) Of course, if the
      > was .5MW, you would still need to be bigger than the whole aerial
      to stop
      > all of the power!
      > I hate it when some people are allowed to publish such absolute
      > somemay actually believe it!!!
      > Maybe the rest is OK, but I'm long gone after horrendous ineptitude
      in the
      > first two paragraphs!!!
      > Mike.
      > Mike. J. Furness.
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      > things to consume your time
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      > normally, a link that long in yahoo groups will not copy as a
      > link; if that turns out to be the case after I send this post;
      copy the
      > whole url and paste it in your browser window and hit go.
      > This conversation in this link is loaded with information;
      > there you have it.
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