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The Beginning of Universe Politics

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    The Beginning of Universe Politics by _Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd _ (http://exopolitics.blogs.com/universebooks/2005/08/about_alfred_la.html) EDITOR’S
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2005
      The Beginning of Universe Politics
      by _Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd _

      EDITOR’S NOTE: Originally published on November 1, 2000, a full week before
      the disputed 2000 U.S. Presidential election of George W. Bush on November 7,
      2000. Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd is the International Director of the
      Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), based in Vancouver, British
      Columbia, CANADA. This essay is adapted from his presentation at the
      UFO/Disclosure Town Hall Meeting in Santa Clara, California, on Oct. 13, 2000. Alfred Webre
      ’s message seems particularly poignant, as it came just prior to a disputed,
      fateful U.S. Presidential election.

      VANCOUVER, BC - We should remember there are many cycles to what we are
      doing tonight. We are building on the spiral of a long planetary history. We are
      winning back our Universe citizenship, lost aeons ago and intentionally kept
      hidden from us over the years by terrestrial governments and power-greedy
      groups. Now, all that is about to be transformed.

      Nearly a quarter century ago, in 1977, a U.S. White House administration was
      open enough to acknowledge its ignorance about a wider Universe reality in
      our midst. The highest democratically elected authority in this land sought
      the most creative of our sciences to understand the open approaches of
      Universe society. An anti-Universe information war scuttled that Carter White House
      study of extraterrestrial communication.

      We are also here because of other, longer cycles. Historically, the
      fundamental rights of humankind, hard-won in political struggle and revolutions
      against old repressive orders of reality, are here tonight as well. Some say that
      in ages past Earth was once a member of an interplanetary society. I will
      leave it to each one of you to decide whether this possibility is worthy of your

      What matters now is that we are here tonight in our bodies politic. Politics
      is a process of mediating among our various interests within a larger
      framework. Politics is more than an academic, analytic exercise. It is about the
      freedoms of our bodies from want, and the freedom of our minds from fear.
      Politics is about mutual empowerment. And our Universal heritage is the ultimate
      empowerment in our known reality.

      Yet a narrow military-intelligence-plutocratic clique – hosted in the United
      States of America – has attempted to lead our entire generation of
      Earthlings into believing a planetary lie, that we are alone in the Universe.
      The political process and governmental structures we have on Earth do not
      stop at Earth’s geo-stationary orbit. Politics, government, and individual
      freedom extend throughout the interstellar and interdimensional Universe we
      inhabit. Government on Earth is derived from exo-government in the Universe,and we
      all have inalienable rights in the Universe.

      Tonight we know that the era of terrestrial politics is over. The age of
      Universe politics has now landed. How this new exopolitical age will unfold –
      whether violently and repressively, or expansively in freedom – is in some sense
      up to us.

      We are a nucleus of politically sensitive terrestrials who are aware that
      the playing field is vast. We are a new dimension of Universe government as it
      dawns on Earth.
      We should not be surprised that secret networks in some terrestrial
      governments continue to keep the people in darkness and ignorance of Universe
      government and Universe politics.

      Who are those governments? Just look to your own government here in the U.S.
      for the answer. The Anglo-bloc – the governments of the U.S., the UK,
      Australia, New Zealand, and Canada – carries on a secret information war against
      our right to Universe participation. How do we know this? These are same
      governments that manage Echelon, a global surveillance network.

      The Echelon governments seem to have the largest participation in waging the
      anti-Universe information war. France, on the other hand, is suing the
      Echelon countries for espionage. French officials have also created COMETA, a
      study that validates an extraterrestrial presence
      around Earth.

      Why do the Echelon countries, including the U.S., continue this
      anti-Universe war? It is for global power and global wealth.

      These government networks exist to protect a petroleum-nuclear civilization,
      a military- industrial complex. These military-intelligence networks are a
      private army; the anti-Universe war is a private war, committed to prevent the
      era of free energy and expansive Universe citizenship from dawning on Earth.
      Not being content to merely participate in a future, they are attempting to
      own the future and keep us in an oppressive past.

      Every citizen of Earth is a victim of the information war against Universe
      integration. This planetary war exists in order to perpetuate the concentration
      of wealth and justify the mind control technology of a narrow, brutal,
      retrogressive elite. Some of us have suffered
      more directly than others, but our entire planetary reality suffers:
      environmental suicide, species extinction, war, disease, crime, and poverty, and a
      pervading ethic of selfishness.

      The very act of making public the information that we are part of an
      organized, interstellar, multidimensional society makes real our new Universe
      citizenship. Knowledge itself will begin to evaporate the power of our selfish and
      destructive civilization. Our so-called terrestrial power structure will no
      longer be big fish in a small pond, but micro-personalities in an infinite
      ocean of reality, the Universe itself.

      Now I come to an essential message: We are all the exo-government, the
      Universe society. Here in the U.S. alone, 100 million adult Americans are aware
      that Universe society visits Earth. Seventy percent of the U.S. population
      disbelieves the official government information war. In other countries where
      governmental mass mind control is not as great, such as Brazil, even larger
      percentages of the population knows we are Universe citizens.

      Terrestrial government is a hollow shell game. The evaporation of
      terrestrial government and the birthing of Universe government is inevitable. There is
      no "take me to your leader" scenario. The entire cosmos knows that the
      leaders of the Earth's information war are corrupt and unworthy to lead us further.
      Their perspectives are all about profit and control.

      We call all land a new Universe reality and Universe society into our
      terrestrial dimension from the inside. Our own inner awareness can shift its
      allegiance from terrestrial-based reality to a Universe-based reality. Ignorance
      and war are no longer acceptable problem-solving alternatives.

      There are many tactical and strategic roadways we will be taking over the
      coming years. About 25 years ago, the U.S. White House under Jimmy Carter
      antedated the French COMETA study validating extraterrestrials in our environment.
      That prophetic effort was brutally terminated by the information war, using
      the mind control technology of the military.

      Here we are again after 25 years, this time to prevail. Not too bad, in the
      cosmic scheme of things. Let us set aside a special Decade of Contact to
      assimilate extraterrestrial contact. In all countries, let us push for
      legislative hearings, congressional studies, and official announcements. There is no
      doubt that our present terrestrial fabric - educational, constitutional,
      scientific, entertainment - needs to be transformed as part of a new Universe-based

      Tonight we are entering a new domain of politics - Universal exopolitics. We
      shift tonight from a terrestrial-bound "UFO community" to a Universe-directed
      body politic, which is our fundamental cosmic entitlement. Fundamentally the
      transformation starts within all of us – for we are the transformation. We
      are the exo-government. We are the new Universal human.

      Copyright © 2005-6 All rights reserved.


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