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[AntigravityUFO type Propulsion] Re: witholding american life enhancing secret technlogy is counter to primary defense mission

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  • Robert Williams
    ... primary ... really ... there, both ... of it and ... rhw: The military could provide ground to orbit transfer without revealing the propulsion methodolgy
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 31, 2005
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      --- In antigravityufotypepropulsion@yahoogroups.com, "ekadams"
      <ek.adams@v...> wrote:
      > > I agree that secrecy only benifits special interets that have NO,
      > > repeat NO overiding concern for their fellow humans. Their
      > > motives are the profit bottom line and complying with the paranoid
      > > mindset of a Pentagon that has gone to lying outright to get a war
      > > they want for reasons they want, kowtowing to special interests.
      > I couldn't disagree more!
      > There are most DEFINITELY some technologies in existence, which I
      > would not want to be disclosed. There are too many groups out
      there, both
      > national and not, who would just love to be able to construct some
      of it and
      > use it against us.

      The military could provide ground to orbit transfer without revealing
      the propulsion methodolgy used to get them there. i.e. the 'how' of
      how it is done. Therefore no-one need get secret propulsion
      technologies but there would still be 'civilian' use by allowing NASA
      to ride along to LEO. Flying Saucers exist yet we don't see the
      Chinese riding them into Manhatten. Just because you KNOW something
      is possible doesn't mean you KNOW how it is done.

      > A mere admitting of something like ET communication already having
      > established, in my view, is different to that, but considering the
      > hysteria against the government since the September the 11th stuff,
      I can
      > easily see how those involved in such a denial are justified in not
      > some of their increasingly millitant detractors the
      proverbial 'ammunition'
      > to use against them.
      Oh the old 'War of the Worlds' panic hysteria? The Brookings report
      mentality? That the population would go bananas and start blowing
      themselves up? Hey...they are ALREADY doing that! The outing of ETI
      can only HELP everyone realize that first and foremost we are ALL
      just Earthlings...anything after that (white, black, red, brown,
      Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, whatever) is secondary to that first brutal
      truth. Are the Chinese going to say ETI's 'community mind' of
      telepathic communication proves communism is the best government?
      Don't think so.

      > Yes, Greer brought out some great witnesses, but he also brought
      out some
      > idiots and pretty much managed to tarnish our collective cause,
      with a few
      > particualr statements, as well, of the sort which are not going to
      > those in control to release any of those pieces of intelligence.
      > There is a very obvious argument for secrecy, when it comes to
      > things. The trouble is not secrecy itself, but when it gets abused.
      > unfortunate thing is that there is no known system to make sure
      such a thing
      > does not take place.
      > - Eric

      I agree Dr. Greer and others within the organizational structure
      calling for non-militarization of space and that ALL the ETIs out
      there we might meet are peaceful is hurting the overall effort that
      those who came forward wanted. Simply the outing that we aren't
      alone in the Universe and that we HAVE and are USING antigravity
      propulsion machines to go from gound to LEO and beyond routinely,
      safely and cheaply. I believe that ETI is like any other thing in
      the Universe, up-down, left-right and good-bad. I find that most
      arguments for 'secrecy' are simply for greed. Other than military
      operation specifics about troop movements and intent most other
      secrecy is for very narrow special interests imho.

      Bob... :D
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