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gravity control in 1800's

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  • russ_14470
    Just a note to say that I had earlier done in depth research regarding the tech data about John W. Keely of Pa., U.S. , during the late 1800 s. He did
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2004
      Just a note to say that I had earlier done in depth research
      regarding the tech data about John W. Keely of Pa., U.S. , during the
      late 1800's. He did experiments on controlling the force of gravity
      using a device set up similar to modern lifting gyroscopes. The
      modern units reported about 11% lift , while Keely got 100%.
      Keely's heavy steel base had 3 spinning disc flywheels being sped
      up by use of high pressure (thousands of lbs) air hose gun blowing
      manifold to the 3 sirens. (rims with angled holes). When up to
      certain RPM, he slowed 2 discs down, so that the pitches emitted
      causing harmonic vibration to the structure were in harmonic RATIO
      to the resonant frequency of earth /structure. Device would slowly
      lift, then settle down as rpms dwindled and pitches changed.

      The subject of Ether vibrations may be in regards to John W.
      Keely's gravity control experiments during the late 1800's in
      Philadelphia, Pa., U.S. A.
      On more than one occasion, to several witnesses, it was said Keely
      demonstrated a system called "Vibratory Lift". His heavy 3 ton high
      pressure 48"spherical tank was lifted up to a 6 ft high tripod
      (no chains, hoist, or normal mechanical means) If not an outright
      lie, then how did he do it? I drew a sketch, collected word for word
      data, along with his published tech data references, and made a rough
      outline. His portable hand held vibrators device with tuning forks
      and brass resonator shells was connected to the side of the tank by
      long, stiff gauge, sectional wire of platinum and silver.
      (Resistivity/ conduction ratios) The sphere hollow center had an
      interior pipe with attached vibrators tuned to certain harmonics.
      After hammering on the steel side, setting up momentary resonance
      vibrations, the control unit was operated and the heavy mass
      would "be allowed" to be lifted by end of wire for placement at the
      high level. It's believed that Keely altered the Earth - to small
      mass relationship by Etheric vibrations. Years later, after Keely
      died, workmen cleaning out first floor of workshop whacked the old
      tank with hammer,
      which emitted weird sounds , which permeated the room, and frightened
      them to run out of the building! An 1800's old library view copy of
      Frank Leslie's Illustrated newspaper showed drawing of first floor
      with sphere tanks in background with removable lids having attached
      pipe mechanism. (not just hollow tanks)

      See also publications - Free Energy Pioneer John W. Keely
      The Snell Manuscript
      Keely And His Discoveries
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