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    I wanted to copy this message below, from a post I made, in reply to someone in another group, because of the amount of content, and how it can help you get to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2004
      I wanted to copy this message below, from a post I made, in reply to
      someone in another group, because of the amount of content, and how
      it can help you get to know me.

      I wanted to share a couple things because they are somewhat similar.

      I know about what it's like to have visions and dreams that confirm
      with reality;
      When I lived way out in the sticks in Waleetka Oklahoma (the only
      street gangs were when the cows got out) I was working very hard as a
      bus driver,grounds person, custodian, repair maitenance + at a rural
      school. Late at night, while cleaning up the school, I started
      getting intuitions, notions, and visions about strange technology I
      knew nothing about.
      I'd take time to write it down and research it, only to find the
      information true. It started out as just simple astrological and
      physics principles and laws. Once it became clear to me that
      information was coming to me that was real, I then began having
      visions and dreams, where I could see technological designs of flying
      saucer propulsion systems.
      One night, while at an away basketball game(bus driver) I had to
      come back out to the bus and start writing things down. I started
      geting very strange information that I didnt understand at all.
      We moved to Arizona so I could attend Motorcycle Mechanics
      Institute in Phoenix, and the 1st 6 weeks was nothing but theory, a
      whole lot of which was confirming information that came to me in
      I made copies of all my notes, but shortly after contacting mufon,
      somehow all my notes came up missing.
      After that I met a guy with similar things like I was going
      through. He also was christian like us, and he hadout of time
      I could go for weeks or more without seeing this friend, but
      everytime we got together we had come up with the same tech designs,
      or sometimes, designs that fit together perfectly.
      We had experienced more than enough to know what we were receiveing
      was real; Like, a section of the design , that was part of the energy
      generation to power the propulsion, turned out to be almost exactly
      what soon came out on TLC, call the light craft, where 'they' used a
      ground based laser to cause thrust to a dish/cone frisbee looking
      thing. I got very highly extreemly excited, because I didnt even know
      how to spell laser much less how one was made, even more less what
      the laser could do; And the design I was getting used a disc very
      similar to theirs , but only as a part in the design of what we got,
      and not from a ground based laser, but one integrated into the
      engine' onboard'. I had no idea the laser would actually spin around
      inside that polished disc for real, as I had gotten the vision, but
      then I knew that I knew that the information I was getting was real.

      I got so excited that I contacted White Sands, because TLC said
      that's where the display came from, and in the background of the
      show, I saw a sign MIT, so I contacted them also, I was insrtucted to
      contact Andrews AFB. We were relating for a time, and I wanted them
      to realized, they were not suposed to be useing the tech to thrust a
      disc, but to generate a special energy and propulsion system.
      I made the mistake of telling them I had been in contact with aliens
      when the Moderator of this group and I were children, that I gave all
      the credit to ufo recall; which I know now was only partly true.
      Because I got several diferent technologies, one design I was
      shareing with a co-worker, was recently had been working with NSA out
      in some ocean on a remote little island hidden in a volcano, doing
      very top secret projects, and I described on of the designs I had
      gotten a vision of in a dream, and he told me the name of the
      project, beings he had worked on it out there. Then I began
      realizeing, I was receiving remote telepathic visions and dreams,
      along with the recall; But ! I was getting a bit different
      configuration and useage, and finally figured out that God was
      somehow also sending me prophetic visions to know 'How' things are
      suposed to be.
      But the authorities will not listen to me anymore. shortly after
      those things escalated in Phoenix, I got a new neighbor in our
      trailer park, but instead of parking in the row, like the trailers
      were set up, this one was crossed ways across several lots, and smack
      dab across from our trailer ( we had bought the trailer to move away
      easier). On top of that trailer across from us was all sorts of
      survailence dishs and such on their roof. It was obvious to me and my
      friend why they were there; after they becam convinced we were not a
      national threat, they were gone.I have pictures of that trailer.

      I became prepared to be able to have confident awareness of
      knowledge I really didnt know, from my spiritual experiences.
      Before all that happened, at times , I would be talking to someone,
      and I would tell them things I had no way of knowing, but it was a
      true thing they were living. Those kinds of things prepared me to
      accept the above tech testamony.

      About UFO's : My 2 sons and I saw a football shaped highly glowing
      object in Arizona about 1/2 to 1 mile away. I figured it was just an
      internally lit blimp, but it had some weird emblem marking on the
      side, almost like a symbol you could see on a catholoic communion
      wafer, but different. I only seen one of those wafers once, and only
      seen a ufo like this once; but by the time we drove 2 blocks towards
      it, it had moved away so fast that we hardly couldnt see it anymore,
      then it was out of view; Now everyone knows, no blimp can move THAT
      fast ! And it made not a sound.
      We were living out there in Az when the huge UFO buzz happened in 97.
      I was driving a bus late at night for the Sky Harbor Airport
      employee shuttle, when the thing came shooting accross the sky.
      I saw 3 bright lights very high going very fast, then make
      extreem zig zag moves around the sky, then one goes out ,the 2 zig
      zag out of distance, the the one that went out came back on and
      followed like the other 2.

      We saw several others, the football one was broad daylight, We
      watched a saucer shaped disc hover for quite some time in the evening
      while still light out, with some sort of beam in like an elongated
      triangle shape beaming out under the craft. It was my 2 sons with me
      as we watched it. For some reason, the neighbors didnt think much of
      My wife and I watched a huge yellow orangish glowing disc over
      Phoenix not far from our trailer. We went accross the street to the
      Circle K convenience store, and asked the people there what they
      thought it was. Everyone was amazed, but none knew.

      I've seen internally lit blimps, these were nothing like that, and
      the last one I described:
      It looked like if you took a tire and placed a plate convexing upward
      on top, and a plate convexing downward in the middle of a tire, that
      was the basic shape. But the yellow/orangish glow was like twirling
      flames in the shape decsribed above, but not flames like fire,
      because fire doesnt have a shape , fire reaches upward with out
      difinite shape. Maybe it was some sort of plasma energy.

      In Fl just after we turned south on I 95 , we had been watching some
      strange lights in the sky, then the engine goes dead. We coasted and
      coasted, and were able to roll right into a parking place in a
      visitor rest stop. I got out with one son and went to the mens room,
      bought some candy and what not from machines, talked on the phone to
      my sister Joan, all which took nearly an hour. My wife with my other
      son thought we were only there a couple minuets ( missing time)

      Time anomallies can be different things. They could be abduction
      pierods, and other things happen, like when I was still in
      highschool, or maybe it was 9th grade in jr high, but I was watching
      a tv movie at a freinds house about 45 minuets from home. It was
      getting late, so I called home to see if I could stay. My mom
      says 'get home as fast as your feet will travel' . Well I hung up
      just as a commercial was coming on so I flew out the door heading for
      home. At times it seemed as though I was not even touching the
      ground, taking leaps maybe 3xs the distance one might expect, it was
      kind of like when I would fly in dreams. I get home and ask what did
      I miss. Well, the commerical was just over. Everything I saw before
      the commerical was what they said just had shown before that
      commerical that just went off when I got there.
      It is amazeing how I could run what normally took at least 45 minuets
      to walk during a commerical. And of the strange sensation I got of
      barely touching the ground and taking such unusual leap strides.

      Well I thought you might like hearing this, beings it is somewhat
      similar to yours.
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