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  • ufolight
    Here is one of those links, clickable. http://www.fuellesspower.com It looks and sounds cool. It stands being investigating. ... Patent ... Oct. ... without
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 30, 2003
      Here is one of those links, clickable.

      It looks and sounds cool. It stands being investigating.

      --- In antigravityufotypepropulsion@yahoogroups.com, ufolight
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > From a yahoo group called 'hameltech' ; This could prove very
      > interesting. See below:
      > I bought these flying sphere (free flying magnetic levitator)
      > Drawings, # 4,874,346 from a company called Creative Science &
      > Resaech.
      > They have 3 web site URL's: www.fuellessenergy.com,
      > www.fuellesspower/com, and www.fuelless.com.
      > The inventor filed for patent Jan 6, 1988 and got the patent on
      > 17, 1989.
      > Here's what the Abstract says:
      > "A free flying magnetic levitator that is self stabilized and fully
      > maneuverable for magnetic structure establishing an odd number of
      > poles for interaction with another magnetic field having an even
      > number of poles to produce linear motion instead of rotation
      > a guideway. Longitudinally wound coils produce the odd pole
      > field for maximizing coupling with an even pole field such as the
      > magnetic field of the earth."
      > Now for those of you who may want to look into this for your own
      > amazement may want to read an article written about this "free
      > magntic levitator" which is simply a flying sphere that was put out
      > by HOVER NEWS, summer 1992, Number Four, said this:
      > Magnetic Aircraft
      > What's faster than an F-16, capable of stopping instantly in
      > totally silent, and never needs refueling? If you guessed a UFO
      > piloted by an extra terrestrial, you're very close. But if you're
      > ever driving through the deserts of Nevada and happen to see a
      > strange glow zigzagging across the sky, chances are it's not a UFO
      > but the U.S. government testing one of it's newest toys, the
      > aircraft.
      > Just four years ago, inventor How Wachpress of San Francisco,
      > California patented what he calls a "Free Flying Magnetic
      > (see 'Flying without wings, issue 3). Designed to float over the
      > earth's magnetic field, it is self stabilizing and highly
      > maneuverable. He has successfully built prototypes that can fly
      > across a room carrying their own power supply and even a
      > superconducting version that we observed to reach an altitude of
      > 16,000 feet and a speed of 2,500 mph!
      > If any Hameltech member would like someone to interface with or get
      > together to build a "free flying magnetic levitator" then by all
      > means give me a holler at investmentproducts@y...
      > Bob Burger
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