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Re: [AntigravityUFO type Propulsion] Deja-vu to: Colin Quinney

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  • ufolight
    I may have misdirrected my reply to the wrong member before; If that happened, I hope you didn t feel you were being ignored. I wanted to present to you one of
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 23, 2003
      I may have misdirrected my reply to the wrong member before; If that
      happened, I hope you didn't feel you were being ignored.

      I wanted to present to you one of the things I understand
      about "anti-gravity" itself, in order to better present the effects
      of generating motion from it.

      In nature, there already is antigravity. It is the equal oposit of
      the force of gravity which pushes matter towards the planet. Physical
      law states that it must be so, but it has gone greatly ignored in the
      r&d fields, mainly because of unbelief. Unbelief prevails, I think,
      because science has brushed this law off by explaining that the equal
      opposit is as a table keeping the plate from going further down. But
      that kind of thinking is not sufficently equal. Not in practice nor
      in visionary imagination.
      Our own mind can easily and simply see, that there has to be a
      wave and force of energy"the equal oposit of downward " going upward,
      inorder for this law not to be in err.

      Now; our attention is drawn towards devicing apparatus capable of
      proving this theory.
      That my friend is exactly what happens at one stage of the
      propulsion design I understand. You in essence, climb those natural
      antigravity waves as if they were rungs on a ladder, only, you can
      configure the speed by which mulitples of the wave rungs you attract
      and repel to/from ; similar to magnetic runnaway, you can achieve
      any desired speed, or go in hover.

      Light in the form of laser, is is main starting point, and center of
      stimulation and amplification and multiplication in greater powers,
      in the ufo type antigravity propulsion I refer to. It is not only a
      starting point, it also is noticed in the propulsion at different
      modes for different configurations, for what mode of travle desired.
      Electromagnetics do come into play, but they are more a byproduct
      than a force used for generation, at least in this model.

      If you are familiar with the Disclosure Project, you would recall
      in the lineup of testamonies from top officals, that our government
      has catagorised over 50 different types of aliens, all of whom were
      Beings there are so many, it would be foolish of me not to think
      that each of them could not have their own style or type of
      antigravity generation.
      Looking at the record of us earth born natives, how we have many
      different types of gasoline engines, all the way up to how we oporate
      in orbit, not to forget the advancement of submarine propulsion. It
      would seem most likely that once we have publicly bugun production of
      antigravity propulsion and it's many applications in industry, we
      shall see an abundant array of designs differing slightly and
      severely, from the laser one I know of.

      Hope to hear from you again, ufolight.

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      <crquin@r...> wrote:
      > Ok. You now have my full attention. Please tell me more of how
      light plays a
      > part in "some" AG devices. Thanks.
      > Best Regards,
      > Colin Quinney
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      > Hello Shai Pash : I should make some of my excitement more clear; I
      > have personal knowledge of light playing a very important role
      > in "some" antigravity generating devices. Mostly NASA has no
      > along the lines I know of personally in their department.
      > There are obviously many things I am still learning that are
      > to the technology I already know about antigravity. I wonder if you
      > have looked at the amount of information I have publicly shared on
      > line? You may enjoy it , especially if you catch the genuine
      > sincerity I have about this , as I have had in person experiences
      > with peoples from other places in this wonderful universe.
      > I do know that some folks at NASA had at least theroised the
      > probable likelyhood that advanced beings from another world could
      > transport their image by the use of light, instead of actual matter.
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      > > About the universe expeanding- the universe is in an endless
      > with endless matter. through out time the entire universe goes
      > through many different proccessis that no human eye has ever seen
      > >
      > > secoundly, no. antigravity is probebly not a photon proccess but
      > electo magnetic one (or so i hear from whet NASA is working on.)
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