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Magicians, Economics & Control

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  • Bill Butler
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      Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 21:36:30 -0400

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      Subject: Magicians, Economics & Control

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      Editor's Note: this clip furthers the theory that
      energy does not disappear, but simply transforms
      or in this case, changes hands. This concept
      relates to the law of thermodynamics.

      Excerpts from: www.almartinraw.com

      It's not exactly true when economic pundits say that
      since the election of George Bush II, there
      has been $5 trillion of market equity lost. The stock
      market is after all a zero sum game. The $5
      trillion that was lost just belongs to other people.
      And who are those other people? People who
      were short. It was just a giant transfer of wealth.

      And who owns that $5 trillion,
      which was previously in the possession of all
      the little people? Just look at the coincidental
      indicator of the top 1% of the nation. On the
      very day that George Bush was elected, the top 1% of
      the American people controlled 61.9% of all of
      the private capital in the United States. Twenty
      months later, the top 1% of the population now
      controls 66.5% of all the private wealth of the
      nation. Therefore it isn't hard to figure out
      where the $5 trillion went.

      This is what the Bushonian Regime is all about - the
      massive transfer of wealth from the little
      people to the Republican hierarchy at the very top.
      Declining stock market prices, which in turn are
      purposely instituted by Bushonian economics -- this is
      something, which is done by design.

      p.s. This maybe too much of a simplistic theory.
      However, perhaps it's true: all politics is economics.

      Bill Butler Worldspaceman :)<vbr><vbr>http://geocities.com/worldspaceman/

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