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Jeff Foss Age 5 Experience

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  • Jeff Foss
    At age five, an even more profound experience took place. It was September 1963, two months before JFK’s unfortunate demise. I was standing in my yard at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2002
      At age five, an even more profound experience took place.

      It was September 1963, two months before JFK�s unfortunate demise. I was standing in my yard at Beverly MA staring at my red and green jungle gym, contemplating whether to brave a climb. Looking up above it, a "V" shaped craft of brilliant metal like a mirror with white running lights and slender orange lit domes on the upper and outer sides just sat there in the sky without making a sound. Then along a wide flaring ghostly white beam, came two grays who levitated me back up along the beam and into the craft. I was placed on a shiny metal table in a main control room but only for a few moments and then released again--it was just for during rapid acceleration into space. Next I was shown 3D lifelike images which hung in space in front of the curved wall of the dome. The first image was of a nuclear explosion--horrifying to say the least. The next image was of multiple lightening strikes and was told there are simple ways to have free energy. Next I was taken down the length of the V on the right side and came to the power source and a sonic cloaker. Back in the control room in the right disc, I saw artificial wormhole technology and also local beaming. And I was passed through an ultra thin arch way, felt a zap in my finger tips and toes and was over in the other disc. Here, I witnessed the approach to a gigantic stealthed city in space. The stars were obscured more and more and there was a small white light in the center of an absolute blackness. It was actually a large docking bay. The ship was guided in on a blue laser type beam. Apparently only the left dome of the V shaped craft docked. The rest of the ship stayed behind somewhere.

      I saw a huge docking bay with discs to the center, molded shipping crates and passageways to the right and open operations levels off to the left. Notably, the levels were clear of equipment as if most of it had been moved somewhere else. The laser guided docking system sat to right center between the huge white interestingly shaped molded cargo crates (each about four times the size of a van) and the passageways which were ramps you could float above while being whisked along. There was a small security robot standing about 2 � ft. tall along a curving hall after the ride on the ramp. I wanted to stay and play but was told we had to move along in a kind but authoritative matter of fact tone. At the end of a long curving corridor were self illuminated white rectangular boxes laying horizontally lining the hall right up to the door which open into the last main security area before entering the city. I was frightened as my thought was that people might be in those boxes. I was told not to worry. Through the hatchway/doorway, the room seemed huge maybe � mi. in diameter and 300 ft. high. Out toward the right, toward the center was an antenna array perhaps 280 ft. tall. Directly across from the hatchway at a distance of about 150 ft. was a free standing rectangular cubical with a door to enter in and a door leading into the main central mall way of the city. It had 6� section windows running its length windows There were about 25 humanoid types like in a reception area of an airport waiting to greet the various visitors and perhaps disembark on various missions on Earth. I will never forget the feeling of entering the main mall of the city. Hundreds, maybe thousands of humanoids and grays were walking along industriously hither and thither some in large groups, some in small. The architecture was breathtaking with slender curves of bright metal and gem like accents, lights and windows everywhere. I couldn�t see to the top so it could well have been fifty stories high by perhaps several miles long.

      At the instant I was told I was being taken to someone I "will really want to meet, " I was already becoming very excited. Fear and uncertainty were not a factor. The feeling was like that of going to a friend and mentor whom you go way back with--and the relationship had always been beyond excellent. It was most similar to the feeling I had when that ship sat behind me at Manchester MA in 1976 years later. The ramp and office (dignitaries reception chamber) to him was conveniently near the rear city port of entrance. He showed me a paper thin screen bearing a simplified omega symbol in the upper left corner. With kinetic energy from a finger tip, you could scroll images on the screen. There were symbols fast flying by. The friend/mentor said, "You know all these." But I became concerned I would not be able to retain them all. Immediately, he knew I was being mistreated back home.

      We went to the belly of the city where there was what looked like the artificial worm hole generator in the first disc on the V only this thing was four football fields in size surrounded by discs. As I descended the top ramp down toward the opening, time seemed to slow and I was in absolute awe. There seemed to be pool or ocean water there in the midst of it. We ramped down to one of the discs. Suddenly I was just above the ocean and then plunged into it. The impression was that the whole city had dropped out of high orbit and plunged into the ocean. But then I realized we had passed through an artificial wormhole in a smaller ship.

      We traveled undersea for about six miles. I was enjoying the deep blue and underwater rifts appearing beneath the craft. At each passing rift, we were submerging deeper and deeper. Then, at 400 fathoms, I could see the entrance to a city beneath the sea. Sea life was artistically highlighted all along the rounded entrance tunnel which then opened up into a series of domes within large domes. Walking now on level floor, we started toward what looked like a giant manta ship and I blacked out--too much stimulus for the little child I was then at age five.

      I awoke just above my house and could see it in a screen from about 200 ft. above it as I was about to be put back in the yard. I had left at about 9 in the morning and returned at about 4:30 in the afternoon. My mother thought I had been out playing in the yard the whole time. In all these years, I had thought that I went out to play but the day ended very quickly. And I had simply fallen on a piece of barbed wire which pierced my right thumb and so I wailed for my mother. When I was put back in the yard, I had fallen on the piece of barbed wire alright (which was crushed down between the edge of my backyard and an adjoining field), but I was already crying loudly because I did not want to return. And when I fell to the ground in a gesture of defeat, I landed my own thumb on the protruding piece of wire. Joe heard me cry and almost began to cry himself. Then I cried out in pain. I was immediately brought back from the regression ; )

      Deepest love and regards to you all and to Joe Nyman,

      Jeff Foss

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