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  • Jeff Foss
    Hi Antigrav, Here goes... 1st picture in the 1st row, 1968 Cousin Gail, was a simultaneous sighting/abduction. My cousin, Gail Wilkins, was a nurse at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2002
      Hi Antigrav,
      Here goes... 1st picture in the 1st row, "1968 Cousin Gail, " was a simultaneous sighting/abduction.
      My cousin, Gail Wilkins, was a nurse at the time and driving home late in the evening
      through Ipswich MA. What she saw along Limebrook Road was a real live mother ship. She has
      never commented beyond the description in the drawing and what has been stated here.
      However, while in my regression, it was uncovered that I was actually taken aboard a ship which had
      been launched from that same mother ship a few mile from it in Danvers MA USA "1968 age 10."
      What they had to do with Gail I'm not quite sure. It may be they brought her aboard as well or that
      it may be a way to confirm my story since there seems to be some disclosure taking place.
      In 1972, "1972 Silent Globes," just a sighting here, I was playing street hockey with a friend on
      a stretch of tar between stores along Enon Street in N Beverly MA. A net was set up against
      the south building which was a grocery store. I happened to look up and there were 4 white
      globes just above the very low cloud cover of about 200 ft. that day. They formed a rectangle
      with the greater length running north to south and the 4 globes moved as one heading South.
      The globes are estimated to be about 30 to 40 feet in diameter (about the size of a plum held
      at arms length). There was no engines noise whatsoever. And this was an extremely low pass
      exhibit. My fellow hockey mate also saw the aerial display as I immediately prompted him to
      look up. We maintained visual for about 12 seconds. In 1976, the same sized globes return
      --in that instance, there are 3.

      On September 26, 1976 (Picture 1 "Manchester MA 9-26-76"), at exactly 10:05pm EST--
      exact time has been verified using Starry Night Pro as in an outstanding star formation
      in which the point vehicle--the first visually acquired of the three--was sitting in The Big Dipper--
      the object sitting geometrically/equidistantly perfect amidst the four stars of the pan; the pan
      was sitting notably flat on the horizon to the North. By entering latitude/longitude of Manchester MA
      and approximate time, it was merely matter of adjusting time until the pan sit flat above the horizon
      which provides exact time. This helped to verify the missing time. Originally, I had maintained and
      reported to MUFON that the time was 11:30pm with missing time bringing it to 1:30 upon exiting
      the beach. Minus about 5 minutes initial visual where the point object moved straight toward me
      and the two others with me that night, Phil and Bruce, suspected time lapse of abduction was
      originally 1hr. 55min. (11:35pm to 1:30am). But the abduction took place at 10:10pm lasting until
      12:45am. When I was put back on the beach, a Manchester Police unit was just rounding the
      corner entering the beach. Instead of stopping, he hit his blues and sped from the scene leaving
      the beach toward the NE exit. But people were calling in about that as well across Essex County
      to Salem Police and possibly several other police stations. We stood stunned and watched a
      meteor shower and saw thousands of long silvery fish jumping high in the bay along the NE exit.
      In regression (1997), I am seeing myself standing by a wall sized window or screen aboard the
      point craft--a telepathic image provided by the gray who was standing behind me to my right.
      I had been given a small slender bright metal canister of "Nitrox" as a worry stone. There was
      no apparent breathing apparatus attached. The stars were literally beneath my feet as I struggled
      to visually acquire some land or ocean surface and there was none. I just went with it ("1976 Age 17").

      The drawn graph, "9-26-76," illustrates the flight paths sequence mainly of the point contact object.
      But it is actually even more extravagant since it does not take into consideration the trip to space.
      When I watched it depart, line "B, " it proceeded half way back along its original approach trajectory,
      went straight up, line "C, " made a right angle turn and proceeded straight overhead and out over
      the water, line "D"... As we watched, it fell in between two other globular craft of exact size which
      had moved in behind us somewhere along the line during the experience. Then the three now joined
      in an "I" formation, moved to the east and out of sight, line "E." When I initially sighted the first globe
      in the pan of The Big Dipper, I had been looking out over the water and felt a strong presence behind
      me like a friend who goes way back and you know who it is without seeing. I turned 180 and
      immediately acquired the object sitting rather obviously amidst the pan. I thought telepathically,
      "Approach, we are not afraid," and straight away, I did just that! The color of object 1 at acquisition
      was reddish-orange (as were the two others seen later). When object 1 stopped on its approach
      trajectory to a point just across the road and about 50 in elevation (from bottom of craft to ground--
      and the object is approximately 35 feet in diameter--it turned brilliant white. After the abduction as the police blues kicked on and the unit roared away from the beach, the color returned to reddish orange. Then it moved away along line "B."

      This was the experience which finally prompted me after 20 years to seek professional investigation with led to regression with a top founding US researcher and regressionist, Joe Nyman. I will continue with experiences to follow and others from the past which were also uncovered on my next address to this forum.

      My deepest thanks for this opportunity.

      Jeff Foss

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