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Earth Dance 2002 - Oct. 12th

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  • Bill Butler
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      Subject: Earth Dance 2002 - Oct. 12th
      Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 13:06:36 -0400

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      Greetings ~ All,

      The global EARTH DANCE event on October 12th uniting
      cities in 50 countries through simultaneous music &
      will probably be the most successful day this year for
      getting out the ENERGY of PEACE. The pinnace of the
      event will be a synchronized link up when every
      Earth Dance event worldwide plays the same track,
      "The Prayer for Peace", at exactly the same time.

      For those around San Francisco see:
      and for everyone else please see: www.earthdance.org
      for the city near you. The San Francisco event will
      be held at the Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park.

      p.s. Excerpts from: www.templeofhiphop.org

      What is the Temple of Hiphop?

      The Temple of Hiphop is a Hiphop preservation society
      seeks to define and teach the accumulated wisdom of
      Hiphop to Hiphoppas.
      > What is the Temple's purpose?
      > The Temple's purpose is to promote, preserve,
      and protect Hiphop as a strategy toward Health, Love,
      Awareness and Wealth for all who declare "Hiphop"
      their lifestyle.
      > What is Hiphop?
      > Hiphop is the name of our collective consciousness.
      It is generally
      expressed through the unique elements of Breakin,
      Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beatboxin,
      Street Fashion, Street language, Street Knowledge and
      Street Entrepreneurialism. At the Temple of
      Hiphop, Hiphop is practiced as an alternative behavior
      capable of transforming subjects and objects in
      an attempt to manifest our collective consciousness.
      Hiphop is a state of mind.
      > What is Hiphop Kulture?
      > Hiphop Kulture is an inner city movement that seeks
      victory over the
      oppressive routine of inner city life. At the Temple
      of Hiphop we spell kulture with a "K" not
      only in recognition of the many African languages that
      have no letter "C" in their usage, but Hiphop
      kulture spelled with a "K" signifies the mature and
      organized Hiphop Kulture.
      > What does the Temple of Hiphop do?
      > On May 16, 2001 the Temple of Hiphop announced
      Hiphop as an international kulture for peace and
      prosperity at the United Nations in New York City.
      > We are decriminalizing Hiphop's public image through
      concerts, lectures, articles and interviews
      on television, radio, print media and Internet
      > We are creating and promoting the events of Hiphop
      Appreciation Week TM(every third week in
      May). See Terms & Conditions: Article 24.
      > We are documenting Hiphop's spiritual relationship
      with itself.
      > We offer standard courses on Hiphop's nine elements.
      > What gives the Temple its authority?
      > Our membership constitutes the most passionate
      presenters of modern Hiphop in the world. Some of
      our members are responsible for the creation of
      Hiphop's nine elements. We are the legitimate
      Hiphop Kulture.
      > This year our estimated membership will reach about
      25,000 most of which are voters, volunteers
      and professionals. We are politically involved.
      > We are the only Hiphop organization issuing official
      Hiphop Kultural
      membership certificates signed by Kool DJ Herc, Afrika
      Bambaataa, Grand Master Flash, and KRS-ONE.
      Our membership is official.

      Our organization has taken, and will continue to take,
      the official census as to what Hiphoppas
      feel Hiphop is and how it may be preserved and
      developed. We have the truth.

      Our Founder is KRS-ONE; Hiphop's first and official
      "Teacha". His
      expertise, influence, credibility and leadership in
      the Hiphop community is matched by none.

      Bill Butler Worldspaceman :)


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