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      Disclosure Media Clips: Select which media event you would like
      ****************************************************************** If
      the links in this menu don't work you may select the same links from
      the "Media Bar" below.
      National Press Club Part 1 (Video) National Press Club Part 2 (Video)
      National Press Club Part 1 (Audio) National Press Club Part 2 (Audio)
      Town Hall Salem, OR, Sept. 13, 2001 Town Hall Portland, OR, Sept. 12,
      2001 Town Hall Everet, WA, Sept. 11 2001 Town Hall Vancouver, B.C.
      Sept 9 2001 Town Hall Seattle, WA, Sept 8 2001 Yahoo! Finance Vision
      (Video) Steven Greer w/t Art Bell Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2001 KPFA,
      94.1FM, Berkeley, CA. Seven Generations Steven Greer w/t Art Bell,
      Wednesday, August 1-2, 2001 Steven Greer w/t Art Bell, May 16, 2001
      Steven Greer w/t Art Bell May 4th, 2000 Steven Greer w/t Art Bell
      July 6th, 2000
      The Disclosure Project, a Virginia based nonprofit organization
      (www.DisclosureProject.org) has obtained testimony from multiple,
      independent corroborating sources that President Carter was denied
      access to sensitive UFO files.
      A former Defense Intelligence Agency official, a senior Stanford
      Research Institute policy analyst and famed constitutional attorney
      Daniel Sheehan have all confirmed that President Carter's attempts to
      obtain UFO information was thwarted by illegal actions by rogue
      military and intelligence entities.

      Mr. John Maynard, Defense Intelligence Agency, ret.: "I'm a retired
      intelligence analyst…was in the military for 21 years and started off
      with the Army Intelligence Security Agency as an analyst. I went on
      to work for several different organizationswith the military and
      ended up with the DIA…in charge of…the documents for the Requirements
      and Evaluation division. In Europe, I researched these UFO reports
      and we got quite a bit of information about the sightings….drawings
      of what the vehicles looked like, whether they landed or not, whether
      they saw any…extraterrestrials….it made for an exciting career. They
      [the reports] were going to the CIA…the DIA…the Air Force Office of
      Special Intelligence…But as far as UFO and intelligence and
      extraterrestrial matters go, it's right at the top - and I would say
      that the president has limited knowledge of it. I know that Carter
      did not have any knowledge whatsoever. And I worked there with….
      President Carter's organization."

      Dr. Alfred Webre, Senior Policy Analyst: "I hold a BS degree from
      Yale…a law degree from Yale Law School…a Master's of Education in
      Counseling from UT...I was a Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for
      Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute [SRI]. I worked
      on the 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication
      Project. The goal of the study was to fill the knowledge gap on this
      subject….and would include data on UFOs and EBE's [Extraterrestrial
      biological entities], of which there have been many sightings. It
      would have gone to as many foreign countries as possible; France…the
      then Soviet Union…China…under the aegis of the National Science
      Foundation. The project was terminated. They [management of SRI] had
      received direct communications from the Pentagon that if the study
      went forward, SRI's contracts with the Pentagon [which were many]
      would be terminated. He [my SRI Pentagon liaison] stated that the
      project, that had just been approved by the White House, was
      terminated because, and I am quoting him, 'There are no UFOs.'"

      Daniel Sheehan, Attorney: "I'm a 1967 graduate of Harvard Law
      School….studied American government and constitutional law…served as
      general counsel and co-counsel for the New York Times in the Pentagon
      Papers case and was involved in briefing and arguing the case in
      front of the US Supreme Court… represented James McCord in the
      Watergate burglary.. I subsequently attended the Harvard Divinity
      school in Judeo-Christian social ethics in public policy…did my
      masters and PHD work there…I became the general counsel for the US
      Jesuit headquarters in D.C. In 1977, I was contacted by the director
      of the Science and Technology Division of the Congressional Research
      Service. She informed me that President Carter had held a meeting
      with the director of the CIA, George Bush sr, and demanded that he
      [Bush] turn over to the President the classified information about
      UFOs and the information that was in the possession of the US
      intelligence community concerning the existence of ET intelligence.
      This information was refused to the President of the United States by
      the director of the CIA. The DCI [Director of Central Intelligence]
      suspected that the president was preparing to reveal this information
      to the American public."

      The Disclosure Project's director, Steven M. Greer MD, is calling for
      open Congressional hearings into the UFO matter to explore this and
      other issues. Dr. Greer states; " There are ongoing illegal covert
      programs that consider themselves above the law and have deliberately
      acted outside of constitutionally required control and oversight.
      These programs deal with UFO and extraterrestrial matters and new
      energy and propulsion technologies. They have consistently denied
      Congress and US Presidents access to these programs and constitute a
      grave threat to US national security."

      The public may find out more about The Disclosure Project at
      www.DisclosureProject.org. You are encouraged to fax your Senators,
      representatives and President Bush by going to the website's special
      area set up for automatically faxing your concerns to these officials.

      Join The Disclosure Project in its effort to end illegal secrecy and
      begin a new era in human history.

      We have the following book, video, CD and DVD educational materials
      available for purchase;
      Disclosure (the book) 573 pages of witness testimony, in-depth
      background research of UFO sightings and landings, documents proving
      government knowledge and involvement, and more.

      Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications 526 pages
      exploring why ETs are here, the physics of ET travel, the best
      Government documents related to UFOs, who is maintaining the secrecy
      and why, what are the implications of disclosing this information,
      and more.

      National Press Conference video 2 hours: Documentary of the historic
      May 9, 2001 press conference that introduced the Disclosure
      Project's "Smoking Gun" witnesses to the world press.

      Disclosure Witness video 2 hours: A distillation of over 120 hours of
      videotaped testimony of dozens of highly credible military,
      government, and intelligence community witnesses telling of their
      first hand experience and knowledge of this subject.

      Special Congressional Briefing video 4 hours: Similar to the above,
      this video was specially edited for and hand delivered to members of
      congress, the executive branch, Pentagon officials, NASA officials,
      etc. prior to and following the May 9 press conference.

      Disclosure DVD Vol 1: 2 hours of witness testimony with witness bios,
      our executive summary, briefing documents, and info on how you can
      help kick open the door to the biggest story in modern times.

      Disclosure Summary CD: Executive summary and briefing documents
      designed to educate the leaders of society on all aspects of this
      Click here to order any of these products:
      Plan to attend our 3 day conference (June 21, 22, 23, 2002) where you
      will hear, first hand, the stories and testimony of many of our
      insider witnesses. In attendance will be several witnesses who's
      testimony appear on our tapes AND several NEW witnesses who have come
      forward since May 9. In addition, Dr. Greer will present exciting new
      information on our efforts to bring new energy and propulsion
      technology to the marketplace.
      Click here for more info and to register for the conference:

      The Disclosure Project is a non-profit organization with NO outside
      funding. Our efforts are supported solely by sales of our educational
      materials and donations from PEOPLE LIKE YOU who are tired of the
      secrecy surrounding this subject. We need and want your support to
      help us locate and record, on videotape, more insider witnesses. We
      currently have 119 potential witnesses waiting for enough funds to
      get their stories in the record. You can help make this happen.
      Click here to donate: http://www.disclosureproject.org/donations.htm

      We currently have a dozen or so events planned in our 2002 Campaign
      For Disclosure. Check out the Events page of our website for the
      event nearest you: http://www.disclosureproject.org/Events.htm

      If you are or know someone who is a government, military, or defense
      contractor witness willing to come forward and join our effort,
      please contact our office and we will put you in contact with Dr.
      Greer directly.

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