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1840Re: I detect a bio/nano tech on the horizon

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  • Ginny
    Apr 2, 2003
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      cool web site, I will check it more later... I finally got back on-line today, after 2 weeks of no phone line. Tough times have been going on. My daughter is in the hospital and can use all your prayers. I will try to catch up with posts soon.

      --- In antigravityufotypepropulsion@yahoogroups.com, ufolight <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > As I read my e-mail today from George Filer, ; First off; Thank you
      > Mr. Filer for your insight on the war;
      > But further in the # 14 letter is an article called "Scientists
      > Invent Ultra Small Structures". Upon looking at this article, I
      > immediately forsaw the combining of nanotechnology with this microb
      > structure building. Why? I'll tell you: Even revealed in the bible is
      > information of the ship Ezekiel saw, it is described as a living
      > thing that transports God , If He should so desire to move about that
      > way; He can, but doesn't have to, He's God.
      > Anyhow; my point here is because it came to my recollection from my
      > experience on board ufo craft, that their ship is a form of life, and
      > in sync with the pilots dna, enabling handling, and disabling theft.
      > But you Really should see his article at
      > http://www.nationalufocenter.com/files/2002/index.php?id=107
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