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Here is the secret of antigravity

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  • Brian
    Here is the secret of antigravity The electrical charge of a charged particle– such as one of the charged particles of an atom or one of the protons of its
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2011
      Here is the secret of antigravity
      The "electrical charge" of a charged particle– such as one of the charged particles of an atom or one of the protons of its nucleus– represents a difference in flux intensity (potential) between the local particle and its ambient vacuum. It's the continual bleed-off of gravitational charge as electrical charge. If that bleed off is reversed or stopped, a drastic effect on the gravitational charge ensues. The 5-potential and the 5-charge have become 4-G-potential and 4-d-charge respectively. Thus "charging" an object with its scalar EM pattern charges it gravitationally. Now the only "bleed off channel" is through the 4-G force field. Further, in a nucleus the nucleons continually back and forth between proton and neutron, so the electrical charge is "spread" throughout the nucleus and shared by all the nucleons.
      Further, each element (actually each isotope) has its own unique "ensemble pattern" of Fourier expansion scalar frequencies, amplitudes, etc. This pattern can, of course, be reproduced artificially and transmitted by modified EM transmitters). There is, however, a sort of "master key" scalar EM (EG) pattern for nucleons (protons and neutrons which are changing back and forth into each other by exchange of virtual charge currents).
      If one reverses the charge by inverting this pattern, and then "charges up a mass with the inverted charge," to the external observer the charging mass just gets lighter and lighter, and its inertia gets less and less. Eventually it seems (to him) to acquire negative mass and negative inertia, and just accelerate away from the earth. The object falls upward instead of falling downwards.
      There are also some weird time effects: that object can be moving slower through time than the laboratory observer, or even be moving backwards through time in respect to the laboratory observer. (Don't believe everything they taught you in relativity; none of those guys ever had engineered a single general relativistic situation. Nothing they teach in GR is based on direct experiment. Most of what they teach has already experimentally proven to be in error.
      This is the concept for a scalar EG detector for a scalar EG waves. This is the Bendini scalar wave detector, adapted from an original concept by Dea and Faretto.
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