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  • Jim S
    ANTIGRAVITY NEWS # 12 Neutrino may have triggered dark energy New theory may explain what s causing universe to expand at a faster rate Could a neutrino —
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                                         ANTIGRAVITY NEWS # 12


         Neutrino may have triggered dark energy
      New theory may explain what's causing universe to expand at a faster rate

      "Could a neutrino — an electrically neutral and nearly mass-free sibling to the electron — have triggered dark energy, the anti-gravity force discovered just over a decade ago?"


      Dark Matter and Dark Energy Update

      "The team analyzed recent Hubble Space Telescope observations of Local Group galaxy motions (radial velocities), made by a team led by Russian astronomer Igor Karachentsev. By studying how galaxies move with respect to the gravitational center of the Local Group, they could find the boundary where the Local Group's gravity gives way to dark energy's "antigravity" effect on larger scales. Dwarf galaxies beyond this boundary are moving outward and will be lost."


      Europe Raises Concerns over Space Station's Future

      "I am convinced that stopping the station in 2015 would be a mistake because we cannot attract the best scientists if we are telling them today `you are welcome on the space station but you'd better be quick because in 2015 we close the shop." Allowing experiments to be carried out in an anti-gravity environment can provide an array of insights into science, most recently of how both degenerative and infectious diseases may work. "



      Alienating Aliens: Do Nukes Make Them Go Ballistic?

      "Hill determined that their means of propulsion were — no surprise — an anti-gravity force field. Of course, he wasn't able to conceptualize a working model. Had he been, NASA would no doubt have yanked him out of retirement and become involved in a tug of war with the Pentagon for his services."


      Predicting the Internet in 1885

      "Towards the end of her talk, Vee discussed an antigravity machine. "Being tired with our long walk, I expressed my surprise that my companion seemed to feel no fatigue. `Why!' said she, `I don't believe you have a negative gravity machine.'"



      SSRsi's Anti-Gravity & Other Weird Transport Page

      ""Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." {Arthur C. Clarke}
      We live in an age where the fantastic is rapidly becoming 'normal."




      Mystery  B-)

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