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I Want To Build Something That Really Works

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    I Want To Build Something That Really Works Greetings! My name is Brian Charles, and I want to build something that really works, Lord willing. I have a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2009
      I Want To Build Something That Really Works

      Greetings! My name is Brian Charles, and I want to build something that really works, Lord willing. I have a little electronics lab, and some spare parts, such as diodes, capacitors, resistors, ferrite rods, and other materials laying around in my storage cabinet drawers. I honestly don't know beans about electricity and electronics, except from what I've learned by practical experience. Of course there's tons of Tesla books, PDF files, and piles of declassified Top Secret documents floating around cyberspace out there. But the Year 2000 has come and gone, and where are all of those promised flying cars?!! Anyways, I'm very interested in building something that really does work, and perhaps can be used to do cool stuff, Lord willing. And to perhaps start an awesome new business, or at least to get my hide overseas, where those hot, dark-skinned single women are waiting for me, (and you)!!! Yes, I was at the airport today here in Charlotte, and even met a man who rode my city bus with me to downtown. He was fresh from Argentina, andÂ… how much is a ticket to Buenos Aires? I don't even want to ask at the ticketing counter, because I had to raid a fountain from it's coins to get bus fare. I admit I'm dirt poor right now, but we can build something and make it work, with some effort and cooperation (you know fact from fiction by now).
      Yes, we can build our own "airline," Lord willing, using antigravity propulsion. And it would be a whale of a lot cheaper than the $1,200 or more needed to get me down to the tropics where True Love is patiently waiting for me (and you)!!! And after getting off of that nasty, kerosene-burning jetliner, there would be no money left for a date (bummer).
      Now all B.S. aside, I really want to build something that really works. Show me the schematic, and tell me, put this wire here, put that H.V. flyback transformer there. Who knows what is really functioning and performing awesomely in somebody's garage, building that Gravity Gun that they could use to rip tree stumps out of the ground, or to propel a craft with me and you inside it to Argentina for the weekend!!! I had better stop before my mind starts going way "out there," and I get some irresistible desires to watch Voyager, and Star Trek Next Generation DVDs all weekend long. And why rot my brains with that old stuff, when those resistors and diodes are calling out to me from my work room. But practically, anything new and cool that can be used to make some money, to start a new business, Lord willing. Please shoot some ideas across me, and maybe we could even get together to make it happen, if you believe that you truly have got the goods. I have this big, 15" Van de Graf generator gathering dust, and some good H.P. signal generators. What can we do with this stuff? I was thinking, maybe even someone has the plans for a Ball Lightning Generator/Launcher. Now wouldn't THAT be so rad!!! Please let me know, and hear back from you, those who are truly interested in getting your hands dirty, getting down to the brass tacks in making something really, really work!


      Brian Charles

      "With God all things are possible."
      "All things are possible to him who believes."
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