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A Summation of a Unified Field Theory

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    A brief discussion of this UFT and some related links The Unified Field Theory is not simply an interesting and perhaps curious scientific abstraction. The
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      A brief discussion of this UFT and some related links

      The Unified Field Theory is not simply an interesting and perhaps curious scientific abstraction. The recognition and acceptance of the Unified Field leads directly to new forms of propulsion and then directly towards new forms of energy which are truly green, clean, and inexhaustible. This is not a pipe dream, for the one of the purposes of the UFT is to enable us to transfer momentum directly from one momentum field to another momentum field, and this happens all the time in nature. For example the moon gains about 3 centimeters in orbital altitude each year by means of a direct transfer of momentum energy from the momentum field of the earth to the momentum field of the moon. It is a trivial matter to generate electricity using momentum energy and we do this all the time when we use the motion of water across a short distance of three dimensional space to then turn an electromagnetic turbine generator in the Hoover Dam. What the UFT proposes is that we skip these redundant primitive steps of our existing Newtonian technology, such as building dams or rubbing two sticks together to start something on fire, and transfer momentum directly from one field to another. Before we can achieve this we must rid ourselves of that one troublesome disunified Field that is the source of all the problems in our sciences today, the so called `gravitational field,' which is impossible to unify because it is said to be an `attractive matter based field' and given that it has `no repulsive force' is therefore enigmatic and impossible to reconcile with every other force, for these other forces are recognized as being energy fields with a different behavior.<BR><BR>

      You may have heard about the Smith Hydrogen Cloud which has entered the system of our Milky Way Galaxy with an expected impact date about 50,000 years from now. This cloud has wandered through the empty void of space for millions or perhaps even billions of years, and in all that time has not produced a single star. This is in spite of the fact that such a cloud has enough `gravitational mass' to form millions of stars or perhaps even one very large black hole. Now consider the behavior of gases. Hot gas expands, cooler gas contracts. There is no existing evidence to support the hypothesis that a `mass of matter' possesses some sort of inherent `attractive force' directed towards other masses which would then cause some hydrogen cloud to overcome the natural repulsive force we see in gases, and thus clump together to form a `gravitational mass'. Something is missing from our theory of gravity, and that something turns out to be the electromagnetic field (which is to say we are missing the Unified Field Theory). There is observational evidence to support this Unified Field Theory, which I present in the pages below, which is more than can be said in favor of that `matter based theory of gravity'.

      Some relevant links:

      A summary of the Unified Field Theory

      Description of an Anti-Gravity Device
      If the theory of the Unified Field is correct, then the problem of new forms of propulsion is simplified in an incredibly elegant design, which then renders the great complexity of older Newtonian devices redundant. This astonishing simplification of technology then implies that the Unified Field Theory results in an explosive technological revolution, with the main beneficiaries being the one billion of the poorest people in the world who are suffering such effects of primitive backwardness as perpetual malnourishment, and who could not be expected to benefit from primitive and overly complex Newtonian technology until many centuries has passed.
      The simple explanation of the Anti-Gravitational propulsion is that it is a logically following consequence of the fact that a gravitational field is actually a disguised electromagnetic field and that what we call `matter' is actually a disguised form of energy (as described by the famous equation E=MC2). Therefore all that is required to cause a craft to float in the air is to combine the mass energy of the craft with the momentum energy of a powerful electromagnetic field, and because the field cannot distinguish any difference between energy in the form of mass or energy in the form of `momentum' the result is propulsion (similar to the way a primitive rocket exhibits an anti-gravity effect and rises in the field as its momentum increases).

      This experiment is the fundamental and most important experiment to test the validity of the Unified Field Theory, and the only reason such an effect has not been observed is the energy level required of the embedded electromagnetic field required to levitate such a simple craft. Therefore to quote Einstein, on page 75 of his book Relativity...a popular exposition (he was speaking of the experiment to measure whether star light bends around the field of the sun)

      "The examination of the correctness or otherwise of this
      deduction is a problem of the greatest importance, the
      early solution of which is to be expected of astronomers (scientists)."

      This page on `anti-gravity' is a continuation of the page questioning whether or not a `gravitational force field' is a fictional scientific redundancy

      It is typical in the history of science that the theory that is expansive, and explains many phenomenon, turns out to be the correct theory. An application of the Unified Field Theory to the problems of `Dark energy' and `Dark matter'.

      The `Dark Energy' of the universe turns out to be the Unified Field
      Our current math equations have failed. For this reason it is required that we drop `Dark Matter' into the universe so that those failed equations can continue to be used in the future

      The Unified Field Theory requires of us that we refute Einstein's classical view of fixed geometry
      The following pages document the progress towards a solution to this problem.
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