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  • mysterygravity
    Just wanted to let all members here know about new options that are available to members of Yahoo Groups, many sharing possibilities exist. Here is a partial
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2009

          Just wanted to let all members here know about new options that are available to members of Yahoo Groups, many sharing possibilities exist. Here is a partial quote from a release concerning this topic from Yahoo;


      Over the past few months across Yahoo!, you may have noticed a new feature called "Updates", which is a way to share what you're doing on Yahoo! with your connections and to see what your connections are up to on Yahoo! as well.

      Yesterday, this feature was introduced to Yahoo! Groups giving users the option of sharing their activity on Groups into their Updates feed on
      http://profiles. yahoo.com. For example:

      * A user posting pictures to a quilting group could share these pictures with their friends as well.

      * A user who has posted to a travel group about the best rides at Disney World could let their connections know about this review in case they also had Disney plans.

      * A user who has posted an answer to a tax question on an accounting group with public archives could in essence publish their answer to all their connections or anyone who comes across their profile.

      For members, Updates is a way to offer more exposure to the content they have created and to effortlessly share with friends.

      For moderators, Updates can drive new members and increase the level of activity in their groups.


      * Updates allows an easy way to share your group updates with all your connections (ie. Updates are shown to your connection across Yahoo properties such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo IM, Yahoo Profiles).

      * Currently only photo updates are being published. In the upcoming weeks more update types such as message posts, polls, links etc. will be published. When you opt-in to this feature all your update types will be published as they become available.

      * Updates is a feature that is fully opt-in per user per group (ie. you can opt-in in one group while remaining opted-out in another).

      * Updates is defaulted off for all groups. No updates will be shared unless you explicitly opt-in.

          This group does allow images to be added to the photo area, and so this has many potential uses as well as post messages to be shared. Also don't forget we have a sister group in Flickr that has many images in a think tank format that can be viewed as a slideshow to help get over "Researchers Block".

         I do believe these new features will help revive Yahoo Groups and so I do support these new features. Of course, no one should distribute anything that they are unwilling to share with the whole world. One note, our PBworks site had some attacks and some pages removed, however most of those pages have now been restored. I enacted some new security rules on this forum, but mainly it will effect those that have not posted in over a year. It is only the same policy that was enacted for new members, and only entails moderation on posting, I do try to review this site daily, so moderation will be swift and in most cases your post will appear in 24 hours or less. For those that wish to make private contact through email with other members, this will not effect that in the least.


      Mystery B-)

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