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  • mysterygravity
    Wished to again mention the sister group to this group s photos section. There are now more members in the flickr Anti-Gravity group than there are here in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2007


            Wished to again mention the sister group to this group's photos section. There are now more members in the flickr Anti-Gravity group than there are here in the Yahoo founding AntiGravity group. Of course anyone willing to abide by flickr's rules are welcome to join there and post images of interest; so there are a wide variety of images there and some may be a bit off topic but multiple layers of conceptualizations are invited there. Check that group at;


         Any member of this group is very welcome to join there and add images for public review. This is a great potential to extend our imagery and have extra storage for photos that can be linked back here for further review. Of course our member requirements here are higher than at the flickr group, and so there will likely always be fewer members here than at our peripheral Groups and associated Sites. I have had to turn down a large number of applicants trying to join here. Some are obviously attempts at spam and these often have the {(dot) info} email addresses that are usually a red flag. Also some have prior activity online that could indicate improper computer conduct, and I do try to protect the members of this group from such activity. But some have little or no background at all, and may have an actual interest. To those that have applied in the past and still wish to join please either send further data to the owner email address at the base of our main Yahoo Antigravity  group page. ( Prospective members that have just joined Yahoo and do not have a record of posting in other Yahoo Groups under their user name are very hard to allow) A personal recommendation from another member of this group is helpful! Also owners of other groups in related alternative sciences are of course easy to approve. Read the Group description for more on this.

            Also joining the flicker group at that link above and demonstrating "good faith behavior"  there would be considered as a positive avenue to membership here. We are seeking members with a real interest in said sciences as well as wishing to protect current members from less than desired activity. So we are cautious but at the same time don't want to turn away earnest seekers and explorers of new knowledge. Just wanted to make sure those that really want to join know that they are welcome. If you tried before to join, you are welcome to try again.

          Also wanted to mention to those members that have been communicating with me and each other that some of our discussions have been very enlightening and hope we can soon post at least some of the details here in the public forum so that others may know. Of course I will always keep any wished confidences as usual. But may say now that the future looks very bright indeed. Good work all.



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