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Solar is an Answer now.

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  • mysterygravity
    Recently there has been a story on how renewable energy sources are not green, see; http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20070726/sc_livescience/studyrenewab
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2007

      Recently there has been a story on how renewable energy sources are not green, see;


        I agree that the use of biodiesel or alcohol as a replacement fuel is just replacing one oxygen consuming technology (These engines burn Oxygen from the air as well as introducing amounts of pollutants equal to the better low emission engines now in use.) with another.To replace a food crop with a crop that will only produce fuel will have a negative impact. Also recently there has been a trend to replace dams with oil burning plants or coal burning plants because it is environmentally senistive to the fish that breed in rivers where the dams are. The oceans themselves are under danger from pollutants from some of the fuel burning plants that pollute worldwide, (especially). If the fish die in the oceans, then they will have no need for the rivers, because they will be dead.These coal and oil burning electricty plants also consume incredible amounts of oxygen from the air. The dams have had work arounds for the the fish to reach breeding areas for a long time, otherwise the fish would have been killed off long ago. The energy companies are claiming that the dams cost too much to maintain but with higher oil and coal costs then that is a lame claim.Watch electricity bills start to climb to new records when the dams are destroyed, and they are being destroyed.

          Of course the use of alcohol burners have profit motives as new technology that will enable alcohol systems to work will be under new patents and alcohol can be controlled much easier by chemical companies (oil companies) than true "free energy" systems like wind or solar. This story does point out that existing land areas with home roofs for placement of solar panels will not alter the current land use structures in the least. Solar Panels do not use Oxygen at all to produce energy! Solar Panels do not have any emssions at all! Solar Panels do not produce thermal energy to add to current global warmth concerns on the most basic level. In fact some of the solar energy's Heat is converted to electricity within the Solar panel by conversion of the solar energy into electricity. Not to mention that when over a home they help to shade the home so less energy is required to cool the home in areas such as Nevada , Arizona, Florida, and New Mexico in the US. This applies to similar "Hot' areas around the globe. The sun does not shine at night, but with proof of concepts on storage of energy via "PSI Batteries" Pounds Per Square Inch batteries use large air tanks to store compressed air (above or below the ground surface) and when the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine then the stored up compressed air is used to turn turbines that generate energy using electric generators just like any electrical supply system. These Air batteries or PSI Batteries hold no dangerous chemicals like sulphuric acid batteries do, and last potentially for extremely long terms (Centuries) with some of the new composite materials. If somehow they did leak, all they would leak is air. Solar panels and Air batteries are completely non polluting and would do more to save the air for all creatures to breathe than any other technology available.

         Nuclear plants are just an accident waiting to happen or conversely a target for terrorists. Solar Cells on Earth are the best bet for the future for all the people on Earth. Oil companies need to be controlled as a dangerous product, as do coal producers, and alcohol producers, just like tobacco has been controlled. Someone driving a Hummer is far more dangerous for your, mine, and childrens lungs than cigarettes ever were. Hummers and similar vehicles should be banned from public roadways. Granted the owners should be compensated if they wish to have the vehicle replaced or paid for, many were bought as status symbols and actually look pretty stupid in fact. They could be reintroduced for use by governments for border control in extremely rugged country which is only slightly justified use, at least they would clock many fewer miles than they would on highways or as a work commute vehicle. But the majority should be crushed and recycled to build new infrastructure for energy efficient Energy producing plants with Solar Cells and Air Batteries. Solar Cells are breaking new solar conversion efficiency records almost monthly. Solar is the way to go, they are silent, they supply clean electricity, they reduce thermal (heat) energy that is in existence on Earth and transfer it into a usable clean electrical source.

           A moratorium on new oil or coal powered electricity plants should be enacted worldwide. This moratorium should be brought before the United Nations with Trade sanctions placed on ANY nation that fails to abide.Poor nations should get subsidies from a global warmth funding account with true guarantees that Solar Cells will be supplied directly with UN assistence. The need to stop agueing over energy policies and proceeding with a viable answer has come. Solar Cells are the MAIN ANSWER for our planet, and Oil Companies have enough excess profits now that they could invest that money in solar now and more than please their investors with wise future profits .Let me be clear; Solar Cells on Earth are the answer! Not Solar Cells in Space, with redirected energy via whatever method. Redirected energy from without the Earth's ecosystem will one way or another introduce higher thermal energy when used on Earth. We don't need higher Thermal rates on Earth.Most solar cells can handle higher solar light energy introduced and thereby produce more electricity, but this effect can be created on earth by the introduction of mirrors, here on Earth near the solar panel that redirect added sunlight throughout the day with small redirecting electric motors that would function not unlike the way plants follow the sun through the day with their leaves. This has been employed in the past with many solar cells that track the sun, but can be better employed with multiple mirrors in motion adding multiplication factors on solar cells as to energy production. Mirrors do not need to be made of heavy glass, lighter materials that are highly reflective can be employed. Temperature safety regulators should be employed if excessive mirrors are contemplated. Solar is the answer, it is here now, and it needs to be used now. The change needs to come now. Everyone should make their voices heard if they agree!

      Mystery  B-)

    • mysterygravity
      A recent news release on production of solar cells in Colorado indicates that solar cells will soon be cost effective as an alternative to standard electrical
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 23, 2007

           A recent news release on production of solar cells in Colorado indicates that solar cells will soon be cost effective as an alternative to standard electrical generation. Actually not much of a surprise with oil at $80. a barrel. But this news is a definate plus for future generations of humanity.Here's a news link;




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