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New Photo Storage Area, and Space Shuttle has problems.

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  • mysterygravity
    Antigravity has a new public photo storage area at ; http://www.flickr.com/groups/anti-gravity/ Anyone may join
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2007
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            Antigravity has a new public photo storage area at ;


      Anyone may join and start posting images, If you have another group involved in research in this area, when you add your Image you may add a link to your site in the description, so any photos of a work in progress or actual images of completed devices may be added there. As long as you have a Yahoo membership then all you need to use is your Yahoo ID to register as flickr is now run by Yahoo. Once you have signed in to flickr with your id you can upload pictures to your private picture storage area. After the pictures are uploaded then make sure you join our group using the link above. Once you are a member you may go back to your flickr images and click on one which you wish to share , when it becomes a larger size then you will see symbols between the Title above the photo and the photo. One of these is a symbol for flickr groups and if you click there you should see the flickr groups you are a member of and then can click to share the photo with the Anti-gravity group there. You can set each photo at any of numberous levels of sharing, public , grivate or multiple restrictions in between. Great storage area for using images in forums and such, and spreading your concepts to others.

          Also wanted to note that the Space Shuttle Atlantis has suffered damage from a severe Hail storm and must be rolled back to the hanger for repair. This next launch is set to lift some of the heaviest mass that has even been brought aloft by any Shuttle in history, and this is a very old craft as spacecraft go. Shuttles undergo extreme vibrations with every launch and hence metal fatigue. They had better make repairs of extremely high quality, but this wasn't in the budget and they have been cutting corners before this happened. If I was going up on the next flight, I think I'd want to be wearing diapers! And hope they'd check my mental condition as well for getting on that thing in the first place. lol.

      Mystery  B-)

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