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  • Maurice Brown
    Here is a copy of what I emailed; I am a very busy man, not only in R&D of these technical things, also, aside from family life, I am also a minister of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2006
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      Here is a copy of what I emailed; I am a very busy man, not only in
      R&D of these technical things, also, aside from family life, I am
      also a minister of a church; So I dont have loads of extra time,
      That's why I wanted to start out copying that letter to open my
      acquaintance here.
      Copy Start

      Good evening Mr Stevenson.

      I just answered your invitation by going to your yahoo group and
      signing up to join.

      It has been my venture to reach out for others who may understand
      similar technology as I have come to know. I have not told very much
      of the details plainly, because, I'm not sure, maybe it could be used
      the wrong way, in the wrong hands.

      But there are plenty of practicl applications of different portions
      of the antigravity generator I understand, that can be used seperatly
      for different things than this engine.

      You may already know me AKA ufolight. Been online for about 7 years
      about this.

      I began realizing I was learning real technology back in 1994,
      because of my matured comprehension of spiritual gifts and
      opporations of grace ,like the word of knowledge, and dreams and
      visions happening as prophesied in the Old Covenant would be.

      Seeing this begin, I took notes on the notions and dreams and visions
      I received, then did research and found out relative known physics
      showed what I was receiving was true. I was led of the Spirit to move
      from Oklahoma to Phoenix, where I met a man going through the Exact
      same things of learning and the details.
      Each time we got together for the next couple years staying there, we
      would each have the same revelations of technology written down and
      drawn out.
      Also, all along the process, there was things in the news and in
      magazines and in science coming out that confirmed our technology,
      even though theirs was different, but had enough similar type to be

      One example I show in my website, is the "lightcraft" a technology
      they showed using ground based laser to send a disc hundreds of feet
      into the air.
      When I began getting this revelation, I was so unlearned I didnt even
      know how to spell laser, much less how it was produced. That has been
      used against me by those proud of their long life of schooling; But,
      I tell it, for it glorifies the Lord who showed it to me, because I
      knew nothing, but came up with advanced technology without knowing it.
      Now I realize that the use of a laser in my design; but no human
      can correctly call it "my design" for it didnt come from us;
      nevertheless, for the conversation; In my design the use of laser is
      not ground based, but within the generator. the generator actually
      goes through a process in this design to be a giant laser from a
      laser, which is only a small protion of the whole. I am amazed how
      many learned people have opinions of how imposible my technology
      would be, not even having looked at my design.

      From what I know now and have seen; I know it works.

      Back when I first started conversing with White Sands and Andrews AF
      base and MIT about the configurational designs I have, correcting
      their use in the lightcraft; At first they responded by letter, which
      I still have, but after I revealed to them that I thought one reason
      I was chosen to gain this understanding was because of a massive ufo
      that visited our family in Maryland when I was 10 years old; They
      quit communicating and set up a trailer outside my trailer with all
      sorts of listening devises on their roof.

      But I felt offended by the reaction of my government who should have
      been elated to get to know what I know.
      I know and was shown several secret technologies from projects out in
      the middle of the ocean in volcano islands; I met a former employee
      of the national security agency who knew the names of some projects I
      saw in dreams, only, again, I saw different applications for them.

      Well; maybe we could just copy and paste this email in your group.
      I will save it to draft then send it, so I can post it if you like
      once my membership is oked.

      Copy End

      It's not my desire to promote myself or my website or to be dishonest
      for any reason. Even in my church I serve without accepting any
      payment at all for my full time study of the word and prayers, even
      though it is written those who do so are worty of double wage.
      I am dedicated to being honest so much that I dont want one person to
      even think I do what I do for profit.
      I work a job full time to meet my needs.

      The laser described generator , which is less than one fifth of the
      entire configuration of the engine described, also, once it goes into
      the stepped up phase of becoming a huge laser itself, emmits a
      spherical field of radiation magnetics that is utilized converted
      into wave frequency intermitent pulses. It goes through a process of
      amplification and stimulation and tuning that eventually generates a
      simulation of atomic gravity waves, which become concentrated and
      amplified to create a massive antigravity bubble of atomic gravity
      wave simulation.

      I may have revealed more accurate details here than even in my own
      website about details. I am looking for others who are aware of
      similar technology.

      I will need to be connected with more serious persons about this
      technology before going into big production; Those who may have
      access to enough lab equiptment to do needed readings and adjustments.

      Thank You
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