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what makes a "***er"....was: [anti-CED] Fwd: Part 1

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    In a message dated 12/31/04 7:45:33 PM Central Standard Time, ... First, it seems Tom is not a philosopher (as he claimed on CED): [...] but only a
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      In a message dated 12/31/04 7:45:33 PM Central Standard Time, tom_kbel@... writes:
      First, it seems Tom is not "a philosopher" (as he claimed on CED):
      but only a philosophy "student" (if even that-see below). If so,
      then this was
      clearly an attempt by Tom to deliberately mislead members of CED,
      just as it
      would be if I, a Biology student, claimed to be a biologist.
      Therefore, unless
      Tom had actually graduated with a university degree in Philosophy, I
      this a lie by him, in the strong sense of "an assertion of something
      known ...
      by" Tom "to be untrue with intent to deceive":
      This could depend.  I have completed more than enough hours in philosophy to have the degree.  In fact, when I was in Hawaii, I could have had the degree by taking the minimum 30 hours in residence (didn't matter what subjects), and ONE philosophy class to establish a GPA.  My other philosophy hours and total credits were more than adequate for the degree.
      The same thing applies to my engineering background.  When I left school in Utah, I was actually 3 (elective) courses short of my degree in Computer Science.  However, Computer Science then (1970) and now (2005) have different meanings.  Today, a CS degree means you specialized in computer programming.  Then a CS degree meant you were an Electronics Engineer who specialized in computers.  Thus, today when I discuss it, I usually say either I was 3 classes short of a BSEE or (due to more than 15 years experience) I have a BSEE equivalence.
      So, what is it that makes one a "***er"?  Am I a philosopher?  An engineer?   Probably.
      Also, we all remain "students" for most of our lives.  Often, when my students ask if I "believe in" evolution, I answer that like them I'm a student of science.... I'm just more advanced than they are.
      As a side note, it's kind of funny to see someone on the anti-evolution side complaining about degrees.
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