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Blast From The Past

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  • jdbeadle@hotmail.com
    I m cleaning my email house and came across this dity from last year. Since SEJ has no qualms posting private emails sent to him I have no problem posting his
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2004
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      I'm cleaning my email house and came across this dity from last
      year. Since SEJ has no qualms posting private emails sent to him I
      have no problem posting his to me...


      Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:56:24 -0600
      From: john.beadle
      Subject: Rule Changes Because of MOI
      To: senojes@...


      >I'm honored that you changed your membership list
      >based in part on your
      >false assumption that I am Steve Shubart (shubi).

      Don't flatter yourself. The emphasis is on the "in part". I would
      have changed the rules anyway.

      >I can assure you I am not.

      I already had publicly accepted that on Susan's say-so. Here is what
      I sent her to be posted publicly to Ethics_Morality_Law, with her
      reply that she would:

      On Thu, 12 Dec 2002 12:55:49 -0600, Susan Cogan wrote:


      >>>One of them was John Beadle. I know John very well. He's a lot of
      >>>but he's no shubi.
      >>"jdbeadle" is not banned. He also left of his own accord:
      >>In the post you sent me "jdbeadle" quoted a post of mine in
      >>response, admitting
      >>he was Shubi :
      >he was joking. Pulling your chain.
      >>However, if you know for a fact that "jdbeadle" is not Steve Shubi,
      >>that is good
      >>enough for me. Please pass on my apologies to John Beadle.


      >>Again, feel free to post this, in its entirety, to
      >I will.

      However, I cannot see it has been posted by Susan to
      Ethics_Morality_Law. If it hasn't, maybe you had better take it up
      with her.
      Feel free to send her this post.

      >I don't want to join but since I lurk occassionally over at your
      >it would be nice if you would have the decency to correct your
      error and
      >put me back at my rightful place as individual.

      I have now done that on CED as well:

      >I'm fairly certain that Shephard Moon and Andreas were two
      different people
      >as well... I've encountered both here and there out on the
      yahoogroups world.

      I am fairly certain that they are the same person and I gave over 20
      lines of
      evidence for for that conclustion. No one (including Andreas or
      Shepherdmoon) has
      answered those lines of evidence.

      >I know it is hard for people like you to admit you are wrong...

      I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. I had no problem
      admitting I
      was wrong about you being Shubi, for example.

      >but in this case - you were.

      About you being Shubi? I have already admitted that.

      >If I might add, you treat people rather unfairly at CED under the
      >guise of being fair.

      That is your opinion.

      >I have no doubt you believe you are being fair - but
      >that is not what I take away from your behavior as a
      >lurker there.

      Again, that is your opinion. But I believe I am being fair.

      >It was fair to ban me as a troll though.

      I have not banned you. If you told Susan and others that, then you
      have misled her and them.

      >I am not an atheist. I mis-represented my position in an attempt
      to annoy you. I do that sometimes.

      That's your problem. See below.

      >I am actually most closely aligned with Buddhism but believe in
      >a personal God.


      >I think ID is Creationism in disguise.

      You're wrong. There are ID leaders who aren't even theists, e.g.
      Denton, who in his book Nature's Destiny, attacks Creationism.

      And there are Creationists who are opposed to ID, e.g. Ken Ham.

      >I support the theory of evolution more or less as it stands now
      >but give all credit to God as being the creator of all things.
      This holds
      >no contradictions for me.


      >I don't regard the bible as the whole truth - but it is a beautiful
      >piece of literature.


      >I would be honored if you would join my site Chicken_Talk. It is
      >in your honor but mostly a place where I can talk nice to Laurie
      >It would be quite a coo for me if you would join. No personal
      attacks are
      >allowed. We mostly talk about chickens.

      Sorry, but I haven't got time to join another group.

      >To admit your mistake about me on CED would make me
      >think more highly of you... but it still wouldn't be that high.

      I couldn't care less what you think of me. If I have made a mistake
      I will admit it publicly, which I already had done on
      but it seems that Susan didn't post that.

      >You can (and I'm sure will) take that as a failing on my part.

      I will leave it to you to consider whether it is a failing on your

      >I'd suggest you consider it is one on yours!

      I have publicly admitted my mistake. Perhaps you should now consider
      admitting your mistake in joining CED, knowing what its rules were,
      and then
      dishonestly pretending to be an atheist in an attempt to annoy me.


      PS: if it comes to my attention that you use this message and my
      to further attack me publicly on other lists, then I will feel free
      to defend
      myself by quoting from your private message about your joining CED
      as a
      "as a troll", pretending to be "an atheist ... in an attempt to
      annoy" me.

      "For the growth of the creationist movement has been fuelled by a
      sense of outrage at the way atheist beliefs and secular values are
      presented as if they were part of biological science. To put it in
      vernacular: if someone says `my science shows that your religion is
      bunk', the natural reaction is `well then there must be something
      with your science.'" (Young D., "The Evolution of Creationism,"
      Australasian Science, Vol. 23, No. 3, April 2002, pp.20-21.
      Stephen E. Jones sejones@... or senojes@...
      Home: http://members.iinet.net.au/~sejones
      Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CreationEvolutionDesign
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