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300Re: FaithRadar at CED

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  • jdbeadle@hotmail.com
    Jan 17, 2004
      --- In anti-CED@yahoogroups.com, distazo@a... wrote:
      > JB:
      > >>> I am trying to do better in 2004.
      > John:
      > >> Wrong list, jb. But the right idea, I must say!
      > Hopefully, you will do better here in 2004 as well.
      > JB:
      > > Wrong list?  Are you on crack?  Are you reading
      > CED?  This is Anti-CED right and Faith Radar is
      > from CED? 
      > John:
      > Wrong list because "trying to do better in 2004" is a Spencers_EML
      > "thing." Here, we kick CED and SEJ's butts around. Hopefully,
      you'll get around to
      > pointing out the error of Steve's ways again soon. But if not,
      it's okay,
      > because the mail is on its way. Or, you can belly right up to the
      homepage if
      > you like.

      There is no point on calling you on a point is there John? Not for
      me at any rate. I think of trying to do better is good for all
      lists but will conceed that it was from the other list. I figured
      as much that this would be the route away from wrongdom you would
      take. I don't much care for Spencers_EML. You state an opinion and
      it seems like Audioboy or Daniel will point out why it is
      unreasonable to feel that way. I don't think I'd ever invite
      Audioboy over for lunch. I don't care much for that sort of thing.
      Most of our opinions are unreasonable when put under the
      microscope. Not yours of course Sir John, not yours. But most of
      us have a set of unreasonable beliefs that we just have for this
      reason or that. I don't want them all scrutinized. I know I start
      off kind of hostile over there when I post but it seems so hostile
      all the time... I just try to get a head start. I'm not big on
      hostile, I really am not. Even when I come across hostile it is
      more of a sarcastic look yourself in the mirror type.

      It's okay over here because we focus on the moronic behavior of SEJ
      and we all gang up on that loon. I don't mind much picking on a
      loon like him... just so it doesn't turn into any kind of analysis
      of me. Which is why I generally start to stop picking on him... it
      creates a shallow hypocracy. I hate the way he treats people, picks
      on them and judges them so I judge and pick on him. I can only do
      it if I don't do much self reflection about it.

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