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291Re: FaithRadar at CED

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  • jdbeadle@hotmail.com
    Jan 16, 2004
      --- In anti-CED@yahoogroups.com, distazo@a... wrote:
      > JB:
      > Say, Sir John does that count as a contribution of merit.  It
      > up a new topic and CED character, has me voicing an opinion and
      > me saying nothing about stinky dead animals, anal probes, chicken
      > the Duke game...
      > ???
      > I am trying to do better in 2004.
      > John:
      > Wrong list, jb. But the right idea, I must say! Hopefully, you
      will do better
      > here in 2004 as well. Of course, with your and Paco's recent
      escapades in NC
      > and with the space aliens, you may not even know what year it is

      Wrong list? Are you on crack? Are you reading CED? This is Anti-
      CED right and Faith Radar is from CED? I don't do the email thing -
      I come right to the web. I think you've gotten horribly confused by
      your email system. You are dead wrong. This is the right list.
      Your reading skills have sucked royally lately and that is unusual
      for you. At chicken talk you suggested I missed the whole trio
      thing when there were two of me and I'd covered it. I didn't like
      the idea of having sex with myself when I was two people. What is
      wrong with you these days? I can deal with your crankiness and
      rudeness but you seem to be very distracted and skimming through
      posts, etc. That just isn't like you. Are you okay?

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