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289Re: FaithRadar at CED

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  • jdbeadle@hotmail.com
    Jan 15, 2004
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      --- In anti-CED@yahoogroups.com, jdbeadle@h... wrote:
      > Y'know I like the jib of FaithRadar even though he seems a bit
      > flakey. He's obviously a complete irrationalist and a bit of an
      > egomaniac. It seems egomania is something we all suffer from a
      > bit. But FaithRadar is as preachy really as SEJ and that makes me
      > want to vomit. I know I do the same shit sometimes but when I do
      > and someone points it out I generally apologize and stop it and
      > crawl off somewhere like any semi-enlightened irrationalist God
      > believing semi-Buddhist follower would.
      > jb

      Say, Sir John does that count as a contribution of merit. It brings
      up a new topic and CED character, has me voicing an opinion and has
      me saying nothing about stinky dead animals, anal probes, chicken or
      the Duke game...


      I am trying to do better in 2004.


      -c'mon the alien abduction bit at chicken talk was some good stuff,
      eh? Give me a kudo for some creativity at least!
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