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2596So sad that people think like this

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  • hexagram14@aol.com
    Nov 18, 2006
      Here's this week's dose of idiocy from "Answers in Genesis" - my favorite
      weekly comedy email.

      Q: Some Australian scientists reported they'd found an Aboriginal site to be
      176,000 years old. Don't solid dates like this disprove the Bible?

      A: The problem is, most people don't realize how “solid” these dates
      actually are.
      Huge publicity was given to the report that scientists had dated this
      Aboriginal site to be around 176,000 years old. However, some independent experts
      have looked at the data and said that on the basis of their experiments, this
      date should be changed to 20,000 years! What an incredible difference—156,000
      years different than what the other scientists had stated.
      Then, another scientist said that when he checked the data on a sample dated
      at 50,000 years, his figure would be 5,000 years or less! So much for “solid”
      So what dates are solid? The answers can be obtained from the only truly
      reliable history book: the Bible. Scientists continually flip-flip on their
      dates, overturning the dates that were once considered solid. Knowing that the
      Bible says Noah's Flood occurred about 4,500 years ago helps us understand that
      Australian Aboriginal history has taken place in under 4,500 years—and that
      the Bible, not science, gives us a solid foundation for understanding history.


      One book is all you need! Let's burn the libraries!