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  • chloisinthefield
    Nov 14, 2006
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      Basically BASIC is an outdated computer programming language...I

      Oh, what's that? We're not talking computer programming languages?
      Sorry to basically confuse the issue. That seems to basically happen
      a lot when I basically talk to creationists. Only anti-creationists
      can basically understand what is really happening.

      Basically yours,

      --- In anti-CED@yahoogroups.com, "zaphodbeadlebrox" <jdbeadle@...>
      > --- In anti-CED@yahoogroups.com, "queefymcjuice" <darylsal8@> wrote:
      > >
      > > im doing a speech on anti-creationism and im wondering if i can
      > > some info on the basics of anti-creationism
      > >
      > Basically, you take creationism as it stands and then your stand as
      > anti-creationist is to take the opposite stand. Like the creation
      > science people think they have scientists but really their
      > are basically juicy mc queefs and not scientists at all.
      > the basics of anti-creationism is to stand against creationism as
      > basically stands today. That's basically it. I'd just cut and
      > what I wrote up there and put it in your paper and basically you
      > should get a D on it. Which possibly is an improvement from the
      > grade you may have gotten.
      > jb
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