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  • chloisinthefield
    Sep 8, 2006
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      Also, let me add further that unless you are conversing online with
      the key players involved (like I have) and have researched the
      subject matter and controversy surrounding Crop Circles, you would
      only be looking at this from the outside in and not really
      understanding the implication.

      Some of the researchers in that forum are people who are well-
      respected in their field and have published documentation (books,
      articles, websites, TV programs) on the subject.

      Sure, people who are unfamiliar with the Crop Circle phenomena can
      say off-the-top of their head well, who cares about Crop Circles and
      their New Age following and blow it off as inconsequential.

      And wonder why I have even brought this topic up in a group that is
      mainly about the CED issue.

      Well, one of the things I uncovered in the past year was this
      Australian guy who is a regular on the forum over there. He is also
      a Bible quoter and while comes across as a tad more intelligent than
      the average Fundie (says he's a Scientist) I have to wonder what his
      agenda would really be in promoting Crop Circles as the work of God.

      In other words, there's a subtle inference there I see, that makes
      me suspect the ICR or whatever other agencies involved, USE the Crop
      Circles as a convenient excuse to promote their agenda.
      It would be like a fundie to promote lies and obfuscate the truth
      now wouldn't it?

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