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2575Re: [anti-CED] DNS entries

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  • Dave Oldridge
    Sep 8, 2006
      On 6 Sep 2006 at 15:07, chloisinthefield wrote:

      > This is for the IT guys who might possibly be able to help me
      > out.
      > Who would a site with the DNS IP address of belong to?
      > It's like this;
      > A. WebForum is run independently using PHP
      > B. WebMaster used Company B to register his site/forum
      > C. Company B registered site using
      > D. IP ranges indicate those are reserved for military only
      > E. Site is non-military
      > Could it be possible that Company B registered with Network
      > Solutions illegally? Unethically? Deliberately or ignorantly?
      > Does Network Solutions check their registration material or can
      > Boffo the Baboon register as Colonel Clink?

      This looks like you encountered a (very temporary) spoofed
      address or did not understand the information you got. This
      block is reserved and can't be either pinged or traced, as far as
      I can see.


      Dave Oldridge
      ICQ 1800667
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