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  • chloisinthefield
    Sep 6, 2006
      --- In anti-CED@yahoogroups.com, "John Distazo" <John.Distazo@...>
      > On 9/6/06, chloisinthefield <chlobebe@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > This is for the IT guys who might possibly be able to help me
      > >
      > > Who would a site with the DNS IP address of belong to?
      > >
      > > It's like this;
      > > A. WebForum is run independently using PHP
      > > B. WebMaster used Company B to register his site/forum
      > > C. Company B registered site using
      > > D. IP ranges indicate those are reserved for military only
      > > E. Site is non-military
      > >
      > > Could it be possible that Company B registered with Network
      > > Solutions illegally? Unethically? Deliberately or ignorantly?
      > > Does Network Solutions check their registration material or can
      > > Boffo the Baboon register as Colonel Clink?
      > >
      > > Chlois' inquiring mind wants to know
      > >
      > > Or point me to some geeked out forum where I can pose these
      > > questions. I've already got some answers though still sifting.
      > John:
      > I thought perhaps someone registered with the DOMAIN NAME,
      not using
      > IP address Every time I've tried to go to that IP addy
      the browser
      > fails to find anything. I'll be curious what you find out, this is
      > question for bigger geeks than me....

      You're right about it not being the IP address. (I meant Name Server
      entry) I'm not that completely geekable (though for a gal I know
      more than the average woman) so I probably screwed up my phrasing on
      what I was asking.

      I deleted the message 'cause I thought it would just prove to be too
      passe or boring. Some members of this site like to consider me
      fluff. <shrug> and you a God, dear John DiStazo. LOL.

      Nah, seriously I could email you privately with the real story. It
      was quite fascinating to an Infrastructure Architect I personally
      know who said he was a bit perplexed at finding such a Name Server
      address registered to such a supposedly independent site.

      Thus, my inquiring mind has been researching further with people in
      the fields.

      (Hey Roger, are you on this list? Has to do with things in your area)

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