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  • Hi Jean-Marc, I appreciate very much, that you go into details of these Zander books; a discussion of which I don t know how many people in anthro circles in the English speaking world are aware of. On this page http: //www.anthromedia.net/pressemeldungen-und-news/artikel/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=2283&cHash=67b11b841bcd0ea7e63ed59410f6edf9 I learned that Zander s book...
    Robert Jan 10, 2012
  • In German language Papers, radio, TV and discussion rounds, there were a lot of contributions on Rudolf Steiner s 150th birthday and Helmut Zander was often interviewed as a leading, objective expert on Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy. In his books, also in his latest, there are outright mistakes, wrong dates to make accusations on Rudolf Steiner s moral integrity etc. All this...
    Robert Jan 8, 2012
  • I ve read that the founders of the Goldman Enviromental Prize, "the green nobel prize", Richard and Rhoda Goldman were anthroposophists. Can anyone confirm this? Ottmar
    Robert Apr 13, 2011
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  • This link should help http://www.thechristiancommunity.co.uk/ Ottmar --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@^$1, "Are Thoresen" wrote: > > I mean the antroposophical "christengemeinschaft" …. > > > > Are Thoresen > > Nordbyveien 93 > > N-3275 Svarstad > > telefon 91327347 - 33128669 > > > > arethore@^$2.. > > http://www.holistiskterapi.no > > > > > > _____ > > Fra: anthroposophy_tomorrow...
    Robert Apr 11, 2011
  • This you tube video shows the grave of Rudolf Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hphzR9EdJfw Ottmar
    Robert Apr 4, 2011
  • You find a lot about Pekka Ervast on the net. Here is one of his lectures: http://ebookbrowse.com/1929-05-00-pekka-ervast-astral-school-pdf-d21896306 Ottmar --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@^$1, "Are Thoresen" wrote: > > Dear Jouko, > > Can you tell us more about the person Mr. Evrast!!!!?? > > This is exiting ….. > > > > Are Thoresen > > Tinghaugveien 435, Gisleröd Gård, > > N...
    Robert Jan 26, 2011
  • Hi Rick, I very much appreciate your study on the Christ and the Fleeing Youth. There has been no answer to your post yet. So let me try and give a short comment. Dick: It is commonly accepted that the mission of Christ was an act that was independent of any corresponding and requisite deed on the part of humanity. Though this is true this book asserts that the future spiritual...
    Robert Jan 10, 2010
  • His main work, the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception is nearly 100% a plagiat of what he had heard from Rudolf Steiner. Then compare the date of the first edition of the Geheimwissenschaft GA 13 and how Max Heindel stressed the urgency that his cosmo-conception should appear before 1910, he knew that Rudolf Steiner s Geheimwissenschaft should appear then. (If you read certain parts of...
    ottmar12 Sep 15, 2009
  • I don t know how serious your talk and babble about translating machines was. You might try this free German translating machine, I can t judge how well it works. http://www.pons.eu/dict/search?l=deen#translation Ottmar
    ottmar12 Sep 15, 2009
  • Hi there, as I`m one of the few German speaking on this list, I feel obliged to reply. The Text of GA 346 is very doubtful indeed, I think the text sources for these late lectures of Rudolf Steiner are among the poorest. There are better sources even for many lectures held for the ES, in GA 266 I – III than for this Priesterapokalypse as we call these lectures shortly in Germany...
    ottmar12 Jul 29, 2009