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Re: Welcome Diana

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  • winters_diana
    Dottie wrote to me: I just kind of wanted to out you:) for a second. First welcome to the list it s been a while. Hi Dottie! Long time no see. I was not,
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2003
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      Dottie wrote to me:

      "I just kind of wanted to 'out' you:) for a second. First welcome to
      the list it's been a while."

      Hi Dottie! Long time no see. I was not, in fact, subbed to this list
      when you wrote this. I'm subbing for just a couple of days here. I
      really don't have time for another list and I really don't want to
      intrude. I don't usually know what you guys are talking about
      anyway. I suppose I'm taking Tarjei's bait :) I took his bait and he
      took mine; I'm working on a reply to him.

      "The last time I recall was when I was sharing with you how I had
      manifested bigger bubbies and you were interested in hearing my

      Yeah, I remember. :) You never answered. I thought I had made you
      mad. So are you finally going to tell me? Isn't anthroposophy
      supposed to have practical effects in the world? :)

      "So, what do you think about the whole Magdalene/Lazarus posts:)"

      I don't know enough about it to contribute, I'm afraid, I just
      wanted to say that from what little I can discern, I appreciate what
      you seem to be trying to do, which is to work a feminine principle
      into an ancient patriarchal religious edifice, and meeting the usual
      resistance. I admire your refusal to be daunted in your quest.
      Remember Dottie, it all goes back centuries, and they like it that
      way. You go girl :)
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