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Response to Jan - my StarBird

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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Hello Jan! Happy Fourth Day of Christmas! I try to copy both groups on many of my replies, because both groups (Anthroposophy and Anthroposophy Tomorrow) are
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2003
      Hello Jan!

      Happy Fourth Day of Christmas!

      I try to copy both groups on many of my replies, because both groups
      (Anthroposophy and Anthroposophy Tomorrow) are dealing with many of the same issues. I
      feel like I have friends in both and I can't always remember who is in which
      group. I am not sure, though that when I reply to a post, the content that I
      am replying to is forwarded as well. I can't see it on my e-mail server. You
      are responding to my reply to Mike re: The Will of Sauron. If you didn't receive
      his post with mine, let me know and I will forward it, too.

      You (Jan) wrote:

      Hello Golden Christine,
      Or do we not stand between the elves and the orcs, between Lucifer and
      Ahriman, and walking Christward, bring both to balance?
      Frodo was in credit, had deposits, savings of compassion in the True World
      Bank, which enabled Gollum to live and so play a crucial but ultimately
      essential part. I do not believe that we are called to fight evil, but
      rather to transform it, which is more difficult. I do not believe that the
      Ring is destroyed in the fire, but will be alchemically metamorphosed in the
      crucible of Humanity that burns softly with love. Because it deals with
      truths, the story is also paradox. The supreme effort of each lonely
      individual is essential, but nothing can be achieved without brotherhood.
      Hence, Œwhere two or three are gathered......¹ Therein, of course, lies our

      I hesitate to bring the concept of Christ into the Lord of the Rings trilogy,
      because it tends to lock people's minds. The air of Middle Earth is somehow
      fresher without the musty air of the libraries of Christianity. But just as He
      was always there, so He is always there. Both Gandalf and Galadriel affirm
      that "something" or "someone" has brought the Ring to Frodo (or Frodo to the
      Ring) through Bilbo and that even so, bearing the Ring is and must always be a
      Free Deed. Through the books, too, I am sensing this Presence, always unseen and
      unnamed. There is the Forza del Destino which creates the unforseen
      circumstances which often seem so wrong and cruel, but in the end have proved necessary
      and right. The Vishnu Karma working through the reality of Human Freedom.

      To be Alone and yet to be part of a Fellowship. Is this not the paradox of
      our age? And the truth? For if each one of us were truly alone, having nothing
      in the world to reflect the ideas, imaginations, inspirations or intuitions
      which arise in us - no Anthroposophical Society, no books and lectures, no
      schools, eurythmy, healing centers, biodynamic farms, even no internet groups such
      as these, would we each alone feel that we were mad? Is not such perception
      deemed madness by the society at large and has been so through history? Aren't
      there many people out there who feel mad because they cannot find the
      confirmation that they need and are told by psychiatrists that their imaginings are
      nonsense - unreal - require medication to fight? Don't many succumb to this
      madness and its accompanying despair in suicide and other forms of
      self-anhililation? Because they cannot find this Fellowship?

      And on the other side, aren't there many who join cults and churches and who
      are willing to surrender all independent thought and forces of will for the
      sake of being part of a Fellowship? Those who find it intolerable to bear the
      burden of being Alone? This is to me, still the tightrope walk - the Bridge of
      Khazad-Dum (boy, do I get sweaty palms just thinking about that Bridge!!)

      The Middle Way - the Way of the Christ - this leads to Golgotha - to the
      pinpoint of the Time/Space continuum in which we find Our Self alone. "Father, why
      hast Thou forsaken me?" the moment that Christ, that God - for one split
      second knew what it was like to be Human - to be ALONE - unable to see, hear or
      feel God. It was that split second in which God became able to call to Man in a
      Voice that Man could once again Hear. This is the Transformation of Evil - the
      Breaking of the Silence. "Out of the Silent Planet" is the first of the
      trilogy by CS Lewis. We are locked in a sphere of Silence - the only planet which
      cannot hear the Music of the Spheres - the Voice of God. Can anyone imagine
      this moment for Christ on the Cross? When all became Silent? Was this not the
      Great Agony? Was this not the Ring of Fire? Was this not Hell on Earth? Was this
      not the Great Crucible in which the Gold of God was melted and destroyed? And
      then this Gold of God came through the fire as the Risen Christ - the Sword
      which can pierce all Silence - all Darkness. For Transformation is always a
      Death and a Resurrection. That which is transformed must die to itself. It is not
      a gentle process. We must all stand at the Foot of the Cross and wait our turn
      to be Crucified. We must be Servants of the Ring Bearer willing to fall into
      the Fire. Only then will we be truly of the Fellowship. Only then we will be
      the Bearers of the Golden Light. Only then will we walk, once again, with God
      and with each other.

      It is Sunday,
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