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Re: Gardening/focus/butt-in

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  • gaelman58
    ... toot...With ... Catholicism ... only, ... and ... think ... those who ... Does ... in ... that ... ago. ... to ... made ... thinkers, that ... the right to
    Message 1 of 53 , Dec 1, 2004
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith"
      <franksmith@v...> wrote:
      > Gaelman pontificates:
      > > Val,...St. Martin, St. Patrick, Boehme...I'm trying to get a feel
      > > for what, in essence, you're saying and not go off on a
      > > respect to knowledge and morality, I say that Anthroposophy
      > > emphasizes the former and Catholicism the latter.
      > Not so: Anthroposophy emphasizes knowledge and morality equally.
      > disregards knowledge and depends on faith. Catholic morality is
      > exclusively, its own dogmatic morality.
      > I view the
      > > opponents of the Church as primarily (merely) creatures of will
      > > no more. In a word, Val, I have no respect for them...but I
      > > I'm willing to be convinced of another view.
      > But who are the opponents of the Church? in a paranoical word,
      those who
      > disagree with it
      > > Trying to distill...would you say that the only legitimate
      > > materialization of the spiritual on earth is the human being?
      > > knowledge without morality lead to something else, something not
      > > accord with the Incarnation?
      > Knowledge without morality is certainly a dangerous thing - but the
      > connection you made above is with Anthroposophy, thereby implying
      > Anthroposophy is dangerous.
      > > I remember reading of a strange criticism of Steiner some years
      > > The man (I think it was a priest)
      > Undoubtedly.
      > said that although the
      > > pronouncements of Anthroposophy were true, Steiner has no right
      > > put them out into the world...various heavyweight thinkers have
      > > similar judgments about occult knowledge in general.
      > Any chance of getting the name of any of those heavyweight
      thinkers, that
      > is, those who said that occult knowledge is true but no one has
      the right to
      > put it out into the world? Or even that what Steiner said was
      true, but no
      > right...?
      > > Is the hocus-pocus you refer to a kind of "rolling of the bones"
      > > such with respect to an attempt to command destiny? An attempt
      > > have personal efficacy irrespective of the Divine Will....out of
      > > Garden and into the luxuriant, chaotic jungle.
      > >
      > Sorry to butt in like this, Val, and please don't think I'm trying
      to answer
      > for you. Just want to answer that question with my own "Yes"! For
      who knows
      > the "divine will? I have enough trouble kowing my own.
      > Frank

      Frank, some of the above stuff is substantive...so, it's no butt-
      in. The very best opponents of the exoteric Church are within Her
      rank and file...The Pope is no more Catholic than any of them...you
      don't read those fellows. Here is a truth about you...if some
      public relations firm were to hire you to write in support of the
      Church, I've no doubt you'd be able to gather useful facts and do a
      credible job...I'd do a credible job if hired to do the opposite and
      maybe if enticed by a large amount of money I'd do it...maybe it
      would depend upon my outward circumstances...so, it's not about
      knowlege is it?...it's about will and, of course, morality.
      I'm never put off by your Catholic bashing...never. I'm just saying
      its not very good...the guys on the inside do it better and do, in
      fact, have an effect.
      I was once was a dyed-in-the-wool Steiner man...knowledge is
      knowledge after all...then I found something deeper and far more
      practical...you once mentioned you came across a certain book...you
      dismissed it as if you "knew" what you were talking about.
      Yeah, I have respect for your "Yes" indicated above...but if we were
      friends (unlikely in this life) I'd say to you, "Frank, me boyo,
      don't go inta thim dark, oogly places widout pertection. Here, take
      this. It's an image of Herself and it's bin blessed".
    • Valerie Walsh
      Thinking I m just going to take some time off and do some gardening this afternoon-I ve been neglecting the yard this summer-so lots of weeds. The world is
      Message 53 of 53 , Jul 25, 2006
        Thinking I'm just going to take some time off and do some
        gardening this afternoon-I've been neglecting the yard this
        summer-so lots of weeds. The world is such a mess but you
        know what they say-think globally-act locally-seems like a good
        place to start is my own house. I think the world is in pretty good
        hands. Like Uncle Albert said, "God doesn't play dice with the
        Universe." Makes sense to me-I always figured Him for a chess
        man, myself. -Val
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