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  • yogidahl2000
    Hi Everybody! I m completely new to this Group,my name is Flemming and well,let me get straight to the point,here s something that has puzzled me for many
    Message 1 of 84 , Dec 1 5:33 AM
      Hi Everybody!
      I'm completely new to this Group,my name is Flemming and well,let
      me get straight to the point,here's something that has puzzled me
      for many years: Why is it that the Great,admirable Rudolf
      Steiner,the Thief who kind of Spoke- is never mentioning TIBET at
      When Mr.Steiner is dealing with the whole post-Atlantic
      era,India,Persia and so on,these cultures – He seems to never
      mention TIBET (though,I'll freely admit I haven't read ALL that
      Steiner wrote!) --- This in itself is quite remarkable,because if we
      look at other so-called spiritual authorities,like H.P.Blavatsky or
      Mr.Gurdjieff and many others with them – these people all seem to
      agree,that very Great Beings,High Initiates have been residing in
      Tibet since many centuries! (and I'm not talking here of Ascended
      Masters,I'm only talking about spiritually advanced yogis and
      lamas)---- For instance,Padmasambhava,the Lotus Guru,most likely
      he's one of the greatest beings ever to visit this planet—Was Rudolf
      S. aware of that??
      I tend to believe that – none of them along the line could hide very
      much from Dr.Steiner's x-ray Eyes – So much more I'm intrigued by
      Steiner's thunderous silence concerning TIBET!
      I wonder if anybody here on this list might have some clues??
    • dottie zold
      Dear Gaelman and Friends, Dennis Klocek spoke this past weekend on the idea of what the human realm is working to become: the Hieararchy of the Good. I don t
      Message 84 of 84 , Feb 14, 2007
        Dear Gaelman and Friends,
        Dennis Klocek spoke this past weekend on the idea of what the human realm is working to become: the Hieararchy of the Good. I don't know that he said it as in the caps department or if that was the exact wording but it is what I understood regarding Hierarchy and Goodness. And for me part of this is what lies in the future and therefore within our Will forces still to be uncovered.
        I have a wonderful poem I found by Rumi, oh how I had forgotten I wanted to paint his sentiments:
        With the Beloved's water of life, no illness remains
        In the Beloved's rose garden of union, no thorn remains.
        They say there is a window from one heart to another
        How can there be a window where no wall remains?

        Translator: Shahram Shiva
        And for me this speaks of what it is we are trying to accomplish through enobling our Thinking Feeling and Willing. I have found myself sharing evermore with my friends the daily exercises from Rudolf Steiner found in the Esoteric Guidance book. I mean it fortifies, it strengthens our ability to keep on keeping on in the face of everything that wants to seperate us one from the other.
        The idea Dennis brought this weekend, and he has brought most times in lectures I have gone to, is the idea that out of the poison there is medicine. And I have always more or less been one who could take the poison that I obviously have helped to cocreate and find a way to see the gem in the center of that damn ash. But that's the human path to do so or at least so it seems to me. To have an appreciation for those tight moments does not mean we continue to do them or accept them with the same people over and over. Sometimes conscious karma dictates that things be allowed to move in their own time before things can come back to center again.
        And this seems to be one of the tests when dealing with the question of Mr. Tombergs ideas and those of Rudolf Steiner in Anthroposophy. It is a concern for many Anthroposophists that accepting Mr. Tombergs ideas, or at the very least where his students seem to be heading with it IN Anthroposophy, is a sidereal that threatens the freedom inherent within this path as far as what it represents in the future.
        I imagine that the students of Mr. Tomberg are open to some of the mystical ideals and teachings of Mr. Tombergs and for them this is something that is missing within the Society. In my contacts with some of these students, mostly whom I do get along well with, is this sentimentality around Sophia. And for me, as one raised in a Catholic background, it is very different than what I experience in Rudolf Steiner's concepts of Spiritual Science.
        The test for those that differ I believe really relies on how we can best bridge this without dividing and conquering. And it has to be on both sides this question is asked. But it does no good to have Mr. Tomberg's students say that because he felt Rudolf Steiner told him to go into the Catholic Church that is the future plan. Anthroposophy is not a religion nor do I think it can be in the sense of religion today. I mean the people can turn it into that but that was not what I understand was the position of Rudolf Steiner as best as I can surmise. And if we look how Christ's message was coopted by the early fathers of the church we can have a good idea of what can also happen to Anthroposophy. And this would really be a travesty. But it would also be a travesty if the students of Anthroposophy, who are not pro Tomberg ideas, do not find their way to Anthroposophia who leads man ever onwards to the Christ.
        What lies within the Christmas Conference lectures as well as the Meditation amount to what is understood as the Third Call. We are each individually called to find our way to Christ but we can only do it with and through one another through this self reflection of our interactions and a willingness to get past the sticky parts in a way that speaks of a true brotherhood. But there is a strength in this when it is worked through consciously. When we go off our feelings and some ideal of brotherhood and not ask the hard questions, and have some Polyanna thing happening there is no depth to the root of the attaining to the Consciousness Soul area. It's a difficult path.
        And Gaelman, I am thinking that it is clear in Rudolf Steiner's words that the Catholic church is not something he was considering as something viable for the future. To me this does not mean that there can not be or should not be Catholics, but somehow it seems that it is of the past and has outlived itself and is actually a test for those that want to move towards a freedom of self. I imagine, and the hope is, that Anthroposophy too will have to transform into the next level at some point far into the future. And if it becomes decadent may it happen sooner than later. I think it way naive to think that in 80 years this and that were supposed to have been done and beings it hasn't been things are done and finished for the Society. I think that really naive and not taking the spiritual worlds into account.
        My thought is that Catholics tied the Holy Spirit up in chains and man was and is beholden to what the leaders say.
        I am thinking that the book by Sergio Prokofieff called An Encounter with Evil is an incredible look at what we will and are dealing with. Clearly the foundation of this work is Anthroposophy and what he brings to the table in this regards has quite a bit of clarity that is needed when looking at this question of freedom and those that will work to keep us befuddled by old religious habits.
        Happy Valentines Day everyone,

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