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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Jung an idiot? or a rapist?

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Dear Harv, ... Term), for though I m sure I came across this knowledge in some arcane and cobwebbed Ghost of Decades Past, I m nonetheless utterly clueless as
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 30, 2004
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      Dear Harv,
      > Dear Frank:
      > Thanks for the well-thrust exclamation mark!
      > I'll gladly regress this "Known Fact" back to fantasy-foam (Goethe's
      Term), for though I'm sure I came across this knowledge in some arcane and
      cobwebbed Ghost of Decades Past, I'm nonetheless utterly clueless as to
      where I stumbled across this fact. And think spawning historical fiction per
      se to be a poor best man, but a far distant sorceror's apprentice to the
      sourcing of original mythology..........

      An elegant albeit slippery excuse if I ever heard one. Now, consider this,
      Steiner criticized Jung along with Frued in lectures in Zurich - I think
      around 1919, perhaps earlier. J. was then still associated with Freud, or at
      least not yet diametrically
      opposed. Steiner, if I remember correctly, said that Jung was the best of
      the bunch though. Steiner died in 1925 and Jung's major contributions didn't
      come till later; therefore it seems to me unlikely that Steiner ever sought
      a meeting with him. Jung lived decades longer and lived only an hour from
      Dornach, but as far as I know never paid attention to anthroposophy or the
      Dornach gang. The Wehr book, btw, is supposed to be excellent, though
      regretably I haven't read it.

      > Therefore, reluctantly compelled to decree it to be an Official Earlyfire
      "Old Wives Tale from the Poet's Halloween Closet", skull-spawned by an
      overactive double, I'll hereby check imagination's magnum 357 opus at
      Sheriff Reason's Office.
      > (Retreats backstage of the curtains of mortal eyelashes,
      > Pausing, Kneels, whispers to self:)
      > Possessing, alas, no discernable motive whatever to eclipse, to
      'Jolly-Roger' journalistic reality with any such grandiose or aphoristic
      genres of historical fantasy, I'll attribute this statement to a lawlessly
      overdeveloped sense of literary mischief. Tax deductions for Prodigal
      > Nonetheless, your daggery speeding-ticket prompted me to do some
      web-dousing, "Jung and Steiner" and at Amazon.com, I came across a most
      interesting title, which, had I a spare abundant, lyrical $111 dollars
      extra, suggests that this rumor may possess authentic origins The book is
      > C. G. Jung und Rudolf Steiner: Konfrontation u. Synopse
      > by Gerhard Wehr
      > FINALLY, and further down the web page, a more explicit gesture in a
      > Jung and the New Age
      > by David Tacey (Paperback - August 1, 2001)
      > (Rate this item)
      > Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback
      > Usually ships in 1 to 2 days
      > List Price: $31.95
      > Buy new: $31.95
      > Used & new from $27.16
      > . Excerpt from page 24 "... ideas and practices of Annie Besant,
      Madame Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner, all of whom were known to Jung by
      their reputation and influence. Jung kept a safe distance ..."
      > See more references to jung and steiner in this book.
      > Rabbi_Shakespeare Reports live from Stonehenge, the Esoteric Times-Square
      of the Druid Realm. ;-)
      > The notion of conflicting criteria of 'phenomenological self-evidencing'
      would be at the crux of validating any alleged antipathy if there were any,
      'twixt Jung and Steiner, for Jung justifiably tethers the vocabulary which
      populates his archetypal realm to what enables creating linkage between
      religious, anthropological and artistic spheres, while Steiner, privy to
      bandwidths of secret realms, is able to employ imagination, inspiration and
      intuition to sponge into more native magical environments, and by such
      talents honored, so can analyze clairvoyantly-accessible quests where words
      unparalyzing, dissolve back into the flux of Divine Thought Processes.
      > The imagination arises that atoms, once-and-future- Music of the Spheres,
      watered by flow of inspiration, turn once again vibrant, turn back into
      moldable wet clay in the hands of an adept alchemist who has mastered, or at
      least confronted and touched into the workings of the sound, chemical and
      life ether.
      > Alas, and here's the rub: all Akashic Archaeology requires the ability to
      examine and identify boneless bones, and I sense that Jungians prefer less
      ethereal, less elusive language than ones which spell their words all with
      capital "S"
      > More later,
      > Rises from Kneeling, climbs up to the roof, in sight of singing stars, and
      raises his frail sub-angelic voice:
      > The real task here is to spawn questions which refuse to be imprisoned
      into answers, and instead turn into quests. To draw the Hierarchies into our
      theater, one has to supply them with open-ended scenarios, like the Jews at
      the passover seder, traditionally prepare a blank place setting for an
      unannounced visit by Elijah.....:-)
      > Best Regards,
      > Harvey
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      > > Now it is a known fact that Steiner openly sought out dialogue with C.G.
      > Jung though Jung seems to have refused him the honor of a meeting.<BR>
      > This is news to me, Harv; could you advise were you got it?<BR>
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