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  • Tarjei Straume
    ... It looks like humanity needs to go through these dramatic trials in order to learn and to wake up. In 1987, I was working as a direct sales rep for
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 29, 2004
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      At 10:20 29.11.2004, Andrea wrote:

      >Hi Tartaz and Brad,
      >here we can see a double dangerr, damn'd!
      >Let's assume tha these "Lodges" people actually have succeeded in
      >"controlling and manipulating" the worldwide process,as "apparently",
      >happened in XX Century . As a consequence we are in front of today's Earth,
      >actually in the edge of the abyss.
      >But let's think also about the fact that, just like the "Sorcerr
      >Apprentice" they were often near to "lose control".
      >The Nazi were very near to defeat Russians in Dec 1941 and win the Second
      >World War and we should have been in front of Harris "Fatherland"., namely
      >the risk to have no more chance for the Consciousness' Soul development, at
      >least in Central and Esateren Europe.
      >The Soviets and the West were often very near to the Atomic War, for
      >instance during the Cuba's Missile Crisis in 1962, what a "nuclear" hard
      >rain's fall -like joy for the Two Horns' Beast!
      >And think about today's neo-cons game and their puppet Dubya........

      It looks like humanity needs to go through these dramatic trials in order
      to learn and to wake up. In 1987, I was working as a direct sales rep for
      Encyclopedia Britannica in Houston, and one day when we were working from a
      stand in a shopping mall, a very sympathetic gentleman came up to me and
      asked if I knew about any study group in the area where people were
      discussing the Great Books of the Western World. I didn't. The gentleman
      told me that he had been on a spiritual quest since October 1962, when he
      had been stationed in a submarine waiting for orders from the president to
      fire nuclear missiles at Russia. During those terrible hours in suspense
      and uncertainty, he came to the conclusion that there had to be a higher
      moral order, a spiritual guidance of humanity, and ever since that time, he
      had been searching for an answer. I gave him a book catalogue from the
      Anthroposophic Press and wished him luck on his continued search.

      I don't think this man's story is unique. The terrible traumas of the 20th
      century that you mention have had such a decisive impact on much of our
      art, literature, philosophy, and thinking that we wouldn't be what we are
      without them. These crises are the birth pangs of the nascent new
      consciousness, self-awareness, and responsibility. There would have been no
      Beat Poets in Greenwich Village without those events, no Hippie Movement,
      no Peace Movement, and perhaps not even a Civil Rights Movement. "Don't
      follow leaders, and watch the parkin' meters," sang Bob Dylan, and the
      Kennedies and MLK were assassinated, and even John Lennon was assassinated
      in 1980. Don't follow leaders! Be guided by your own thoughts!

      Not even Rudolf Steiner saw this disastrous course of events coming in the
      beginning. During the first decade of the 20th century, many of Steiner's
      lectures were full of optimism for the dawning of the new Age of Michael,
      as though he expected a relatively smooth transition. No such luck after
      1914-1918, the four years that changed the world more than the last couple
      of centuries had done. After that, everything accelerated at an increasing
      speed. My mother, who passed away in 1997 at 74, used to repeat over and
      over again in her later years that "Time is running faster and faster,
      because the gods are becoming impatient with humanity." I believe she had a

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