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To Dwell in Sophia With Us

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : Steve Haag Danny Boy, The pipes the pipes are calling from glen to glen and round the mountain side I like you re pipes,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2004
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      De : Steve Haag<art@...>

      Danny Boy,

      The pipes
      the pipes are calling
      from glen to glen
      and round the mountain side

      I like you're pipes,
      beyond what I can even fathom.


      Within this the Companionship of Harvey ye will find;

      Indeed he said it Multi-Coloured and White

      With Fire and Smoke an Incense Nag Champa in the Pipe

      Going forth flowing our Diamond Back Serpents

      Are no more of the Fall - in Descent -

      You Shrink - appears a Wall to Confront;

      Lucifer's trick by default came the inturning

      Out unit a Bildung Knot: the 'I'--of isolation!

      Desolation, Darkness and Sickness...

      Changed! Manichean Magic True 'I' Christ

      Came with it for the Raising,

      The Alleluiah Actual Re-Sing

      Through the Potency of this Lift

      Go out from within effectuate a Prodigal Son Alchemy;

      The I AM makes you part of the Living God's Family!

      But Picture Opposite how the Enacted

      That will be found 'Yours' and 'You' to contemplate;

      Beware of the Darwinistic Anti-Social

      That knows no other worlds

      But the Egotistical in the Matrix..

      Yes enter the Worlds that Harvey brings

      They are the Real of no need to Steiner ever emphasis;

      Yes Liberate yourself Emancipate through all this

      And Remember and Experience too what Surrounds -

      Our Environment from which Foundation(s)

      Are Micro in us Discover them a Communicate

      Through Penetrative Will Rigtheous...

      And lo! then AMidsts is and in an 'I' Monadic

      The Social a Value Moral Central Sophic IS!

      Multilateralism Fidelity in the Continuous;

      Read-Road the Eternal that is the Harmonious,

      An allowance Wisdom Spirit Ultimate

      That Trancends all Strifes and Dissonance...

      Know my Friend the Trees and all the Avenues

      That keep Alive the Principle of *EXISTENCE*...

      --> In the very Casual of our Daily lives

      Such an utterance Universalpoesie rings ever more

      And says much address this topic to the Core:

      "I am he as you are he as you are
      me and we are all together."

      But Warning! the Danger sensing from a Mary

      Who sees prophetic a future of the Adversary;

      From Harold Bloom to the 'Frankenstein' book an afterword

      About the Craft in our hands is 'Destination-Power':

      "Romantic poets liked to return to the imagery
      of the ocean of life and immortality, for in
      the eddying to and fro of the healing waters
      they could picture a hoped-for process of restoration,
      of a survival of consciousness despite all its agonies.
      Mary Shelley, with marvelous appropriateness,
      brings her Romantic novel to a demonic
      conclusion in a world of ice. The frozen sea
      is the inevitable emblem for both the wretched
      daemon and his obssessed creator. . . ."

      Reversed Promethean transaction.......

      In the words of Lord Byron -

      Description of Legions

      Of Consumed inhabitants

      Shadows your very neighbours

      And citizens of Matrix-Earth -

      The Division Bell Mutants

      They as archetypal Wicked

      Formatively wrought

      By the Structurant

      Of the Vice-Grip

      Adversary of Man as seen

      In such a Resultant:
      (Are you also part of?...)

      The fire that on my bosom preys
      Is lone as some volcanic isle:
      No torch is kindled at its blaze--
      A funeral pile.

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, danifyou@t... wrote:
      > Hi Bradford,
      > I'm kind of a fan of this von Kühn Mystery...
      > That's a long shot Epic amidst the "low prolife"
      > Guys of the Gospels who have been raised by Christ.
      > Why is the importance in there so Sophic?
      > Well, you said it, --> the intersect.
      > And what is this? A Structural Beget.
      > Let us look for a moment at the Pyramid;
      > But let us make it different in the built;
      > For this one see will a Pyre of Fire/Agni!
      > Within 4 corners--the Hearth Circle Magic
      > To be the Container Zodiac Create Cosmic;
      > The Cherubimic Aquarius(Man) and Leo
      > As the other Axis gives Taurus and Eagle(Scorpio).
      > Thus: Manifestation Impulse;
      > But also Elaboration Careful!
      > How come? Preparation for Sophia to come!
      > (Long in..: The Temple shall be a Woman!)
      > To come through Her 'I' Avatared Micro to be found
      > In a Woman to be the Representative of this One!
      > Remember the event of the little girl
      > Whom by the Lord has been raised?
      > This is the one who side by side
      > Lives on Sirius with Zarathustra who supervise!
      > The planning and the help from Earth
      > By those meanwhile repetitive incarnated;
      > And one such is Goethe who back
      > Met Sophie this girl so much Plant
      > As how so soft and frail the frame
      > The beginning somehow helpless
      > When comes the turn Astral in the Organism
      > The Disturbancy to occur as Soul and Spirit
      > Already stayed back in the Heavenly Worlds
      > Waiting for the next later Gradual to first
      > In Sixth Epoch to come down right - the Astral!
      > This is where Goethe too in Progressive Steady Work and Art
      > From Archetypal Plant to Archetypal Animals plays his/her part;
      > Solomon in a New Labour Temple Formative Force
      > As to the Vessel how shall it proceed to come;
      > While very Synchronistic he too Pillar he happened
      > Equilibrium Special to have had 21 years old, Ego Implanted,
      > When Christ Enacted the Turning Point...
      > Righteous James said of the Intellectual Soul back then
      > Central the influence to last yet go different
      > As Christ's Mission for Lift effect
      > Goethean method the prospect
      > Exact Sensorial Fantasy Solid Rosicrucian!
      > Who does Ground Gesture such as well?
      > Elective Affinity a Pentragram
      > As a Book by him has been written;
      > Rudolf Steiner he who proceeded
      > To make the tag team where Goethe left -
      > RS later along the way made the Pentagram in pages -
      > The very chef-d'oeuvre: Philosophy of Freedom!
      > Or: how one Surveys/Witness from 'I' based
      > How the etheric body goes along the bony frame...
      > The Life-LINEd our Sequence outcome Logical
      > What happens from the Mineral
      > As the Free proceed with the Mortal...
      > Other angle other side:
      > Microed World Ether the Mary Nathan...
      > And **Personalised** is the Evolution -
      > Krishna's teachings are such a type
      > Amidst the ruling deeds of the God's Up High
      > Comes a Naughty Boy stealing Butter - Wise;
      > And Palladium - Mercury stealer too: Adam
      > Odysseyan Messaged Human - Hardenberg uttered:
      > **"This would be the drive, and indeed, the drive to be an I."**
      > "504. Why must everything I do now be so painful -
      > nothing peaceful - at leisure - calm -"
      > "572. Adam and Eve. What is brought about
      > through a revolution must be sublated
      > through a revolution. / Bite of the apple./"
      > Dan
      > Bradford followed a glimmer:
      > Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that the previous and
      > current Patriarchal Martian, bloodly line of tom foolery that arose
      > with the hijacking of the code from Atlantis was shifting. First we
      > must needs look at parthenogenesis.
      > (pär&180;thenôjĕn´esĬs) [Gr.,=virgin birth], in biology,
      a form of
      > reproduction in which the ovum develops into a new individual
      > without fertilization. Natural parthenogenesis has been observed in
      > many lower animals (it is characteristic of the rotifers),
      > especially insects, e.g., the aphid . In many social insects, such
      > as the honeybee and the ant, the unfertilized eggs give rise to the
      > male drones and the fertilized eggs to the female workers and
      > queens.
      > Now a great deal of information is growing for our understanding
      > the Matriarchal, out of Atlantis, which had previously set the
      > of how the human form and Lunar line would eventually intersect
      > the Solar line and would once more allow humanity to produce its
      > higher offspring, exists now for us to study. This rich sentence
      > even richer history of both the Christ Event and the powerful
      > history of Atlantis and the escape from the Catastrophe of Atlantis
      > with the new code of Man, tops and towers above the Divinci Code
      > but, since I have not yet read the Divinci Code, I contribute this
      > mystery to Dottie's search for the Daughters and the Ancient
      > as they were called out of Atlantis.
      > But in any event, what you are reading now is far more accurate,
      > intelligent and linked to real events. Let me direct you to issues
      > and articles related to this amazing parthenogenesis issue we may
      > research. http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/p1/partheno.asp
      > If you doubt Virgin Birth and the Matriarchal domination of early
      > Atlantis, that is your friggin problem, you are a dip shitted
      > moron and science for you is the same as the hallucination you call
      > religion. Now it isn't Dottie alone who has been calling for a
      > reversal of fortune to the Mother and Mother God mysteries, nor can
      > we say that AnthroSOPHIA isn't also paving the way for this Post
      > Atlantean reversal. Pagans everywhere have cried out but never had
      > the kind of facts that showed that there was an actual shift from
      > the Etheric shaping, the real working of Lunar Mothering Forces,
      > of Atlantis, which literally handed over the power of the dick and
      > the King's bloodline to the Peter stream. Peter was given
      > to carry this historical limp Pope uninitated potency forward and
      > wrap it in the cloak of British, Egyptian, Italian and Euro
      > bloodlines that have culminated in hot romance rumors of Jesus
      > fornicating with Mary Magdalene and searching for an offspring that
      > might carry some sort of Jesus Code. Bullshit and more Jerry
      > Springer bullshit. It is misdirected and stupidly wrong headed
      > research.
      > To produce our own offspring, out of ourselves, using the Mother
      > principle as Dottie is soapboxing means this: That giving birth to
      > that which will produce ourselves from a generative act through
      > ourselves lies in the nature of how we give birth to our higher
      > being. The code is exact and with no mealie mouth wiggle room,
      > Sentient Soul/Spirit Self; Intellectual Soul/Life Spirit;
      > Consciousness Soul/Spirit Man. This is what we will reproduce out
      > ourselves and this requires the Sophia and Mother principle to
      > return from its exile, as it is destined to do, from where our
      > parthenogenesis origins began out of ancient Atlantis.
      > I want to say that better people than you have understood the
      > watery, foggy and marshy aspects of the Atlantean Amphibian to
      > systems that crystallized in bone and male Spirit, Sun vested
      > prejudice. These better people were easily Zarathustra and Buddha.
      > The dumb asses go all the way to Who's your Daddy fundie screw ups,
      > Bush total Sentient soul bastarization and retardation of the 21st
      > century and Jeff Foxworthy's You May be a Red Neck if. It arrives
      > dead Diana of England and all blood line bullshit literally shouts
      > back at us OT, OT and Patriarchal Fundi Ot, Who's your Daddy, OT
      > bullshit, period. The mormons with the Jews working to find your
      > genetic blood lines and "Gattica" are all working with a Sorthian
      > hum on the future of humanity. Yet we are guilty of fiddling while
      > this swamp is growing.
      > Now lets look at some distortions of where virgin thinking meet
      > utter addiction to astral virginity. Addiction as behavoior where
      > literally see the child molestor drooling for literally
      > encountering, tasting the saps of pre-astral innocence. Firstly it
      > is earth shattering to understand that John the Baptist was
      > partially an Angelic citizen. Angels are not directed and over
      > shadowd with potent sexual instincts. But where Steiner gets the
      > wild hair up his butt to trace Novalis and John the Baptist and tie
      > these two individual together draws us sharply to the destiny of
      > Sophie von Kuhn. Now this young girl, twelve years old.. I repeat,
      > twelve years old marks something that should make a thinking person
      > stand up and take notice. Sophie von Kuhn is the person Novalis
      > intersected with who brought him to his former Angelic mission
      > is very contrasted to the distorted, warped seeking of innocence
      > that is manifested in Michael Jackson. These are important
      > etheric/astral experiences which we are allowed to witness but
      > research in reality is hardly possible with a Jerry Springer brain
      > mind set.
      > Naturally we have so few thinking persons around that using
      > Spiritual Science to see into events is like herding cats or
      > teaching Turkey's to drive a car. Jerry Lee Lewis fell in love with
      > his cousin way back in the days of Elvis and caused a world wide
      > scandal and Michael Jackson has been the poster boy for enmeshed
      > addictive behavior regarding his astral/etheric female forces.
      > These, including Novalis, all have to do with the pre-menstruation
      > astral innocence, just prior to reproductive forces dropping like a
      > hot rock out of the sky into a poor laps of girls.
      > The virgin forces reveal a disturbing siren and hypnotic call to
      > thousands upon thousands of disturbed men and women. For women also
      > have been known to abuse this innocent line young boys. Such as
      > female teachers who have gone google eyed into screwing 13 year old
      > students they were supposed to be guardians of. Plus there are
      > hundreds of cases of overweight, weird women who have molested and
      > tormented, and have a fettish for young boys, unformed..and this
      > goes, in today's illness categories right down to the innocence of
      > infants and the gateways to the divine spiritual worlds.
      > Since Novalis, the same who had painted the "School of Athens" and
      > the Madonna and played and supped on the breast milk of one of the
      > Mary's, when Elizabeth and Mary baby sat for each other, it was
      > common to co-feed and share breast milk, Novalis had a real special
      > relation to the Angelic world and Sophia. Novalis today offers a
      > sober and profound historical relation to the ARTS and the SOPHIA
      > mysteries. Harvey writes exactly out of the Novalis mysteries
      > current. In fact, since my research compliments Harvey and Danny
      > supports Dottie it would be sobering if souls took up their own
      > deepened research and stood their ground. The Sophia mysteries of
      > parthenogenesis, giving birth to ourselves out of ourselves is
      > exactly why, thinking individuals understand AThena springing fully
      > armed out of the Eustachion and Fallopion connection of listening
      > the WORD of Thought, as a Michael seed force that gives birth to
      > higher kernels of our being. The AThena Birth out of the head of
      > male Zeus is not only a POF mystery of fact, but is also a model
      > reality of Initiation depicted in true parthenogenesis.
      > So looking into the face of the Sistine Madonna or following out
      > former destiny of the singer Madonna to where she is standing now,
      > she is also looking for the structure and laws of the human divine
      > model from the mysteries of the Kabbalah, resonates as both tacky
      > and sweet. Yet Novalis, who authored the origin of Anthroposophy,
      > the rightful, healthy heir to what must be understood by thinking
      > souls as a whole shift in the approach from Patriarchal to the new,
      > the new, NT from the OT, or the wholly new...the new meaning, that
      > it is time for Anthro's to get off their dumb asses and begin to
      > cope with reality and express reality. That Christ had the active
      > members of Atma, Buddhi and Mani or Spirit Man-Life Spirit and
      > Spirit Self and that Steiner spoke from Consciousness Soul and
      > Spirit Self regions of the same Angelic wisdom that Novalis
      > represented is simply traceable fact. Traceable everywhere if we
      > learn to think.
      > Novalis was given that quiet Initiation signature of literally
      > intersecting with a Sophie/Sophia event and having a break through.
      > But this Sophia event is twisted and riddled in our immature and
      > unripened insights regarding pathology, molestation and various
      > other encounters with astral innocence which we have not understood.
      > Why do we look at genetic and growin cloning sciences and the
      > articles related to the parthenogenesis link, I listed, is because
      > the crisis to misunderstand where an Atlantean resurgence of a
      > higher Matriarchal princple is being turned into a Sorathian one is
      > at this critical moment falling away from our clarity. And who will
      > we have to blame for this Sorathian nightmare as it arises, well
      > certainly all those who knew better but have resisted and failed to
      > put the historical reality of Anthroposophia on par with the
      > of a whole new era where indeed the Mothers are on the rise and
      > parthenogenesis of our higher being is part and partial to
      > Initiation reality. So in a strong sense Dottie is holding her own
      > here. There is no other reality but Initiation reality period. No
      > arguments and no ifs ands or buts. It is all Initation reality. end
      > of story.
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