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R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Sophia and the Etheric Christ (where is Michael?)

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    Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Sophia and the Etheric Christ (where is Michael?) ... Hi all, mY 2cc to the powerful Brad s work and the well centered
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2004
      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Sophia and the Etheric Christ (where
      is Michael?)

      > Not to belittle or to subtract from in any way!
      > Please also consider and enlarge upon (privately), everyone - with the
      > 9/11 image in view - the cries to the heavens and to us all from these
      > additional few samples - unfathomable in intensity and synchronisity:
      > Verdun 1916 (almost a year of slaughter - 700 thousands killed; that's
      > 2000 lives each day for a whole year), Dresden February 13th. 1945
      > (flash), Hiroshima August 6th. 1945 (boom-flash), Nagasaki August 9th.
      > 1945 (boom-flash II). I cannot see to the bottom of these events, but
      > the significance or impact still shuts me up almost completely.

      Hi all,
      mY 2cc to the powerful Brad's work and the well centered JO's contribution:
      the sudden deaths of so many innocent were a "mark" inside so many moments
      during WWII , think also on Jews' everyday mass murderbetween 1941 and 1944,
      or the daily carnage of soldiers in the Eastern Front
      (German,Russians,Baltics,Ukrainians,Polish,Rumenians,Italians, an so on)
      during the same days.
      Well the best picture I know about this terrible thread and its occult
      bckground is the one inside J B Aharon's "The Spiritual Event of XX Century
      An Imagination" where the Christ Himself, thanks the preliminary work of
      what JBA calls "Second Michael School" heals by his Light the unspekable
      anguish and despair of those who were dying helpless and having lost any
      hope for the Good of Mankind.


      > Have mercy on us all - whoever dispenses such stuff!
      > JoS
      > holderlin66 wrote:
      > >
      > > holderlin wrote:
      > >
      > > "What I do know is I met the risen Christ that day, amidst the
      > > fear, the terror, and the destruction. It wasn't a meeting I sought,
      > > it wasn't something I wanted, it certainly wasn't something I
      > > expected. I'm still grappling with what this means. I expect I will
      > > be working that out for the rest of my life."
      > >
      > > http://www.lewrockwell.com/featherstone/featherstone13.html
      > >
      > > Bradford comments;
      > >
      > > Oh yes, savor. But the above little run in with the Risen Christ was
      > > not some fundie report as common and as phony as some Pentcostal
      > > Baptist flake. The flavor of this Revelation of the Risen Christ had
      > > substance to it. It was, exactly the meeting of the Etheric Christ,
      > > that causes such sweet, and certain humility and humanity in
      > > everyone that had such an encounter. Here was a mature and quiet
      > > person who stood as witness to bodies falling from the sky on 9/11.
      > > You know, I wondered, as most of us wondered, what tear in the
      > > ethers such an event spawned? It tore the U.S. apart and spawned the
      > > dawning of Armageddon. It sealed the Luciferic Fundie Crusade and
      > > set our souls back towards the Dark ages. But certainly there was
      > > something else, only it seemed lost except for the heroic few who
      > > insisted on the event being investigated, who had lost loved ones
      > > and smelled something utterly rotten in the event.
      > >
      > > Now the rammifications of the quiet stunning revelation of the
      > > Etheric Christ, in this persons soul, was not something this person
      > > cared to elaborate about, but it was apparent to me. It had all the
      > > earmarks of a fact. The person was inwardly shaken to the core of
      > > his being. Not merely the dramatic events that happened before his
      > > eyes, but the inward portal to his threshold or her threshold had
      > > been brought to the very tragedy of humanity. Cognitively we have
      > > had to experience in ourselves the tragedy of humanity, or most of
      > > this Steiner stuff is just hot air.
      > >
      > > Now such meetings on this side of the theshold have much to do with
      > > pre-birth events that reveal a Spiritual encounter, a stunned
      > > meeting with all that Spiritual Science speaks of as the spiritual
      > > world and pre-birth foreshadowings, can be jarred to wakefulness or
      > > memory by such vivid shocks as 9/11.
      > >
      > > But the 9/11 event triggered and set free in this person a stunning
      > > pivotal revelation. This was a clean confession. A clean tale. A
      > > clean insight into everything, everything, literally everything we
      > > talk about on this list that should be of value. Here it was not a
      > > theory, an idea, it was a witnessed and experienced as a real event,
      > > that shuddered through every passionate, compassionate, suffering,
      > > and witnessed horror, that can drag our soul to the middle of its
      > > being and awaken us to the God we have forgotten and the Spiritual
      > > World that we have lost sight of.
      > >
      > > Now, that said, Such a list as this one didn't even bother to feel
      > > the reverberating thunder of the simplicity of this statement. Such
      > > a list as this one that paid absolutely no heed to such a statement
      > > strikes me as apalling. It is stunning. It is utterly thirstless,
      > > and reveals a poverty of everything that thinking stands for.
      > > Perahaps you can explain to me what news like this doesn't mean or
      > > does mean to you?
      > >
      > > I remember when 9/11 revealed to some, in the smoke, the face of
      > > Ahriman. Or we ran to Nostradamus to be misled by qutrains. But in
      > > the midst of it all, a quiet verification has leaked out long after
      > > the fanfare and the hoopla, the parades and hijacking of the 21st
      > > century. Someone understood the priceless reality of the Risen
      > > Christ by a direct meeting during the nightmare.
      > >
      > > We could bow our heads in intimacy. You might say, well what can you
      > > say. No Shit! or Holy Shit for real???!!! Yes by the humble
      > > signature of the comment, it bears a real statement and quality of
      > > truth. It by no means should be owned, and wasn't offered as a
      > > fundie revelation, so that it could be claimed by the Rapturites. No
      > > it was a sweeping human awe.. that magnified humanity without any
      > > need for applause.
      > >
      > > One might say for certain, Christ magnifies our humanity and humbles
      > > us to deep sweet and tragic notes of compassion wherein our Soul
      > > truly dwells. It is from such deep notes of compassion and profound
      > > experiences and responses that Steiner offered, that many, many
      > > found their humanity and their I AM's out of cognition and the
      > > tragedy of World conflict that lived in their daily lives. It was
      > > from such wisdom, such heart felt and shattering truths that were
      > > uttered by Steiner, that so many felt the breath of the living Holy
      > > Spirit waft through their souls, and hope filled their wills that
      > > there was a method and a path that could allow one to recognize The
      > > Risen Etheric Christ.
      > >
      > > In such compassion and tragedy we experience exactly, I say exactly
      > > why Magdalene reveals the Sentient Soul experience. With that said,
      > > we should be able to find the Intellectual Soul, Consciousness Soul,
      > > Spirit Self...etc...But deep in the pure region of the Sentient Soul
      > > it has always been the subtle and shattering experience of feeling
      > > struck to the musical minor chord that awakens the bitter sweet
      > > vision locked in the Sentient Soul.
      > >
      > > But wanting to, and playing a game in ones head is very different
      > > than having been moved to weeping by some of the realities Steiner
      > > brought forward. Now this emotional current of the tradeyd and minor
      > > chord music of the sentient soul, shakes the foundation of the soul,
      > > and obviously doesn't shake enough souls because it asks for ripe
      > > cognition and intelligence to meet with true Wisdom and feel the
      > > difference in all the other words, thoughts and speeches that hardly
      > > compare or, in fact do compare, to that central core of I AMness.
      > > That central core of I AMness has the emotional force of Magdalene
      > > in it.
      > >
      > > There is a vast history, frequently avoided, since some of us seem
      > > to be yapping endlessly about 1933 and how Paul and Steiner had
      > > experiences, that Steiner testifies, with certainty, that he stood
      > > solemnly in the spirit of cognition before the mystery of Golgotha
      > > and was stunned by what he witnessed. Steiner makes that subtle
      > > confession, and to those who know something of reality, we take a
      > > big gasp. From thence arose Steiner's magnificent researches into
      > > the preparations and key events that brought the Christ to wear and
      > > bear the full human psychological structure and lift it, with all
      > > cosmic humility and humaness to the elevation of opening the path
      > > for Humanity to lift humanity up through our humanity.
      > >
      > > But I digress. The simple narrative that was witnessed solemnly and
      > > shatteringly by this individual, is the same character and substance
      > > that shatters and changes all those who earnestly seek the Spiritual
      > > World against the wiles and nausea of Ahriman's lies. The flavor and
      > > thirst of our humanity, raised to the 9th power, expoentially lifted
      > > and linking pre-birth experiences to living Spiritual experiences
      > > had, while dwelling on the Earth, quivers right up to St. Francis
      > > and makes ones eyes wide with wonder, if the heart had eyes, it
      > > would be awe...wave upon wave of sweet, humbling awe. And this would
      > > tingle from the core of the Sentient Soul, the good part, the bitter
      > > sweet part of all of us.
      > >
      > > Perhaps Spiritual Science is abstract to you. But it is not so to
      > > hundreds and hundreds of people who have been drawn to living words
      > > that reawakened dormant insights in us, and made us feel like, what
      > > Steiner uttered was something we all felt and knew but hardly anyone
      > > every expressed it so directly, richly, scientifically. But yet we
      > > knew it in our hearts when we read his words and our cognition knew
      > > it and our hearts knew it. And we turned our souls towards the
      > > direction that he pointed in. We turned our eyes to the trail he
      > > drew through history and time.
      > >
      > > WHere in the wild trails of the history and the world and ancient
      > > mystery centers could this voice, who followed the intimate trail of
      > > the Risen Christ like a veritable detective Columbo till it trailed
      > > out of sight in Saturn, all the way to the direct meeting of one of
      > > the Gods who challenged Christ in the desert, where in the world has
      > > there ever been such a clear voice. A voice crying in the Wilderness
      > > of materialism. But what we noticed was the warmth and humanity and
      > > then the courage and cognition that allowed us to celebrate, what
      > > all the world and science wishes to deny. The fact of the Risen
      > > Etheric Christ and how to pay attention to the pattern and the waves
      > > it makes in reality.
      > >
      > > The fact of drawing attention to the human courage that dared show a
      > > difference between Hitler and "The Great Dictator", where you can
      > > feel the humanity of the Risen Christ calling desperately through
      > > the Charlie Chaplin film. All of our great human hearts, and Michael
      > > Moore as well, is one of them, and all of us who sincerely follow
      > > out, day in and day out, the obscure trail of the potent revelation
      > > of the Risen Etheric Christ must squander cognition in what so many
      > > consider fools gold.
      > >
      > > What other rising and potent force has lifted and lives in all those
      > > humans who have raised their voices, took to the streets, protested
      > > the rise of the Avignion President and the gleeful madness of
      > > desiring the world to end in a Fundie Rapture and using the Middle
      > > East as the phony staging ground for premature Armageddon?
      > >
      > > Staring at the Twin Towers and the bodies hurled at close range,
      > > watching them fall before ones soul shuttering gaze, begs us to
      > > understand "The Scream" by Monk.
      > >
      > > http://anxiety.psy.ohio-state.edu/PanicDisorder.htm
      > >
      > > And what if you do understand the scream by Monk? What if that shock
      > > shuddered through many souls who could see the faces of those who
      > > leaped to their deaths, right in front of their eyes? What ripple
      > > has that sent through the ethers of our time?
      > >
      > > http://www.esoterica.gr/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2674&ARCHIVE=
      > >
      > > And then there is the warm living truth of vision that makes up some
      > > of the deepest regions of the sustained glowing human mantle of the
      > > compassionate living Christ, awakening our Earth. Look at the face
      > > of courage Steiner carved and compare it to the scream.
      > >
      > > http://www.uncletaz.com/christ.html
      > >
      > > And our journey comes right back to this list. Where on this list we
      > > deeply look at stunning reality and open the doors of the Michael
      > > School to the wide regions where the human spirit is verified,
      > > living and reawakened to the mysteries in each of us. That we are
      > > the bearers of humanity. Humanity and the inner structual reality of
      > > humanity is built on immortal foundations and Christ wore our
      > > humanity and raised our humanity to the representation before Angels
      > > and ancient the gods.
      > >
      > > Let the Word go Forth from this day onwards, that Christ himself
      > > wore every cell and every potent thought, evil desire and holy
      > > vision that lives within humanity. And Christ lifted it and asked us
      > > to follow him into the Etheric World and lift humanity with our own
      > > higher striving. And we can do this, even more so because of
      > > Spiritual Science.
      > >
      > >
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